February 12th, 2007

Photo - leaves

Well. That was fun.

Britian is woefully unprepared for bad weather. They managed to grit the roads adequately enough when it snowed on Thursday, but then decided that was the last of it, and, subsequently, when it snowed for two days in a row, panicked but didn't actually do anything about it.

It took me three hours to get home on Friday. I think that makes the top of my 'worst journeys of all time' list, although it's possibly only second to that disastrous coach-trip to Leeds in Febraury 2003...

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Seriously, though, why is Birmingham - Britain, in fact - so rubbish when it comes to bad weather? I'm not just talking snow - even when it rains the traffic goes wrong. In this case it's like they were only prepared for one day of snow and then the second day completely blew their minds... I'm sorry, but four inches of snow is not a viable excuse for the state of affairs on Friday night, when there are countries in the world where the weather is much worse, a lot more of the time.

Get with it, Britain. If the scientists are right and there are only gonig to be two seasons (a short, harsh winter and a long, hot summer) then there is more of this weather to come, so frelling well prepare for it. Get some bloody snow ploughs. You have NO EXCUSE in the 21st century for the appalling state of the public transport system when there's even a little bit of snow, let alone eight solid hours of it.

Anyway, ranting aside, I did enjoy the snow for the period I wasn't stuck in it. Snow makes me very happy.

On Thursday night I forced Paul to have a snowball fight with me, which he enjoyed very much against his better judgement, and we built a snowman. The snowman's feet are still struggling to melt in our back garden as of this morning... I'll post a picture of him when we have the internet.

(Oh, that's another thing, we were meant to have the internet on Friday night, but Ben was also stuck in traffic so we called it off. Which is really bloody annoying, because I have three days off work and wanted to catch up on some of my online stuff. Bollocks. Anyway, I've probably lost quite a few of my online acquaintances through lack of internet, so a few more days won't hurt...)

On Saturday we had breakfast at the local organic cafe (very nice) and then did a little bit of food shopping. On Sunday, marz109 came over for a bit because she was bored and now has her driving licence. Paul argued with me over going to the pub because I didn't want to go out, and we watched the first episode of Life on Mars (and now need to record series 2 to stockpile it for later) before tea. Then he buggered off out, came back about 10.30 and we watched episode 2. Collapse )

At least I only have two days at work this week.

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