February 19th, 2007

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Long weekend

I do like time off work, you know. It takes me about two days to kick myself into productivity, but once I do, I actually manage to achieve stuff.

I am actually fairly certain that nobody is really that interested in my day to day life, but I’m of the opinion that I will read back on this journal in a few months of years (as I frequently do) and remember things better for writing them down at the time.

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Over the weekend, we did very little. I finished the curtains on Saturday – the white floor-length voile in the bedroom looks SO much better than the half-window net that was there before, and the black voile in the living room takes the edge off the harsh sunlight first thing in the morning, and should look lovely in summer. I also created a tie-back for the yellow voile in the hallway using the purple ribbon that was on my Lush giftset, and Paul helped me hang blue voile across the hallway so that now the lower bit of the landing looks like an actual room. Very nice. Pictures coming, etc, etc…

More Life on Mars. Paul went out with Alex at about 7.30 and I sat down to watch the premiere of Brokeback Mountain at 9.00, though only managed to watch the first hour of it before Paul came back and I turned it off, which was the easier option than trying to watch it over his drunkenness. What I saw was good, at least.

Sunday was also uneventful but for a couple of games of Scrabble. I reinstalled Myst on my PC and started to play it again (although as it’s designed for Windows 95 at the latest and requires 256 colours, it has a tendency to either crash or freeze and then return with the colours all wrong.)

And that is everything.

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So, yeah. As I already stated, I couldn’t be bothered to mess with the network on Thursday, so I’ve come back to it this morning. Ben has suggested buying a double-protected anti-interference cable to try, but before that eventuality, we have three immediate ports of call.

1. Tortuga. Ben thinks there might be some electronic interference causing the cable to drop packets. The only thing even remotely nearby, other than the PC itself, of course, is our infrared wireless doorbell. So firstly I’m going to move that away from the PC and into the living room, where hopefully it won’t interfere with anything else.

2. See if our connection will work with Lisa’s cable unplugged. If this is the case, then it is either a router problem or a Telewest / Virgin Media problem.

3. Phone Telewest, to make sure they are providing us with what they said they were. We specifically had the higher broadband speed for the purposes of networking, so it’s best to double-check it will actually support one…

And failing that, it’s the router being an arse.

I’m not prepared to drag my PC downstairs and try all combinations of short cables to check it if works, because it’s a hassle I can’t be doing with. However I am at least fairly confident that we will overcome this annoyance and finally Have The Internet.

I shall now sign off this ridiculously long thing and post it.