February 21st, 2007

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Free holiday

So, just when Paul and I thought the free holiday we’d won was a big rip off, the company finally sent us the details yesterday… it only took them about two months.

Back story: we found a winning code on one of those ‘emerald’ scratch cards, and also on one of the ‘gold’ ones, and decided to ring them up. The most we could win was a million quid, and the least was a free holiday to Italy for a week. Naturally, we won the free holiday.

Well, a free holiday is a free holiday, although I suspected there would be various strings attached, such as arranging our own coach travel or some such. We’d started to give up any hope of said free holiday even arriving, but lo and behold, it appeared in yesterday’s post.

Paul showed me the leaflet when I got in from choir last night. At that point I was exhausted, hungry, and slightly irritated to find he was already half-drunk. He had invited Alex around to cook for him and so they could play Pro Evolution Soccer 4 on Alex’s borrowed PS2 (*yawn* - at least GTA is vaguely entertaining to watch… they did offer to turn it off but I was half-asleep as it was). In any case, the prospect of the holiday as described on the leaflet was exhausting.

Far from being a relaxing Italian getaway, it’s a whistle-stop tour of various bits of the country. In retrospect (now I’m actually awake and not already exhausted) it does sound like it might be quite interesting. It includes 1 night in Switzerland (??), 2 nights in Tuscany Coast, 1 night in Tuscany, 1 in Florence, 1 in Venice, and a couple of other places I don’t remember. Or rather, as the leaflet puts it, “in the Tuscany Coast area”, etc, which means anywhere up to two miles outside of the actual place. I’ve stayed “in the Paris area” before now, and it bears no resemblance to actual Paris in the slightest.

This morning I’ve been sort of weighing the pros and cons of the idea. We’re going to send off for the booking form either way, as that will come with an itinerary, which’ll give more of an idea of where we’ll be and when we’ll be there.

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In other news, in an attempt to settle my stomach a bit, I have reverted back to eating brown bread and Kelloggs Bran Flakes to get some fibre into my system. I was going to try those ‘good bacteria’ drinks, but all the supermarkets I’ve tried only seem to sell the yoghurts, which all have bits of fruit in. *blech* The ones that don’t have fruit in seem to be just plain yoghurt with random cereals thrown in, which sound just as bad.

I like the people at Ski and Muller, because they realise that there are some adults in the world who don’t like fruit in their yoghurts, and have made products accordingly. I would be nice, however, if they would do them in flavours other than strawberry, raspberry and cherry… I tried buying little kiddy pots of fromage frais, but they’re either tiny or tasteless.

Anyone remember those yoghurts they used to make in the late 80s / early 90s that had feet? I think they were called Freaky Feet or something, but I might have made that up. One of them had a Frankenstein’s monster face on its front…

Ho hum. Better post this one. Might attempt the first internet-obtaining option when I get in before going out swimming. At least if it annoys me the swimming will calm me down…
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Random - Oblivion wheels

*knocks politely*

*bursts through door*


It was the doorbell.  The bloody doorbell.  All this time.


PS: I figured out the reason my mood theme wasn't showing up - my hosting expired on 4 January. Er, yup, that'd do it, all right... All is now paid for so it should hopefully start appearing again within 24 hours. I hope.
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Back from another swimming session with herringprincess.  Having both taken a week off due to Valentine's Day last week, it seems that whatever step towards recovery my feet took in Week Two has gone away again.  My left foot cramped up within 10 minutes and hurt like a bastard, and to the point where it forced my toes out of alignment.  It's very irritating, as it also effectively stops me swimming until I can relax it enough to move again.

I also nearly drowned in the wave machine again. :(

Each week I am discovering New and Interesting Muscle Areas that I didn't know a) existed or b) could be exercised by swimming.  This week it's my lower back.  My right knee is also whinging, but that's knackered anyway.

My feet need to stop cramping.  I really want to start up trampolining again, and with my feet in their current state it's not going to be possible, as in trampolining they will not only take a lot of impact, but have to be pointed, both of which are currently what causes agonising muscle cramps.  I have hope that with further progress I will not only be fitter, but my various aches, pains and problem areas will start to heal themselves.

Anyway, now I'm exhausted.  With any luck I will sleep straight through tonight.  A lot of other people have been having trouble sleeping of late as well, so I therefore attribute it to the weather being warmer.  Tonight I'm leaving the bedroom window open as a trial.

Woo, woo, internet.  How I'd missed you.  *hugs internet.  kicks infra-red wireless doorbell*

I need a swimming-y icon.
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