February 22nd, 2007

SB - Betty - Oh you!

Further evidence that Sandra was insane.

I'm sure you remember Ye Bifcuit Faga of old, when I brought some biscuits into work that were barely even a month out of date and which Sandra moaned about for three weeks as soon as she found out.  Well, something today reminded me of that, and also proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that's she's clearly completely nuts.

We have a biscuit fund at work, except the girl who runs it and hence provides said biscuits is currently off sick.  However, some other biscuits mysteriously appeared this afternoon (I suspect it was Faten's doing) and they were surrepticiously, throughout the afternoon, eaten.  Some of the Solicitors are worse than others at stealing biscuits; Ian gets through more biscuits than anyone I know and is usually the first to complain or point it out if there are none.  There was also an amusing exchange yesterday when Terri went up to see what was left of the box of Chocolate Orange Segsations:

Terri:  *looks around, then quietly:* Does anyone want the last chocolate?
Me:  Well... they are Terry's, Terri.
Terri:  That's right, they are!  *takes last chocolate and walks back to desk*  Ha ha har!

Today after the new, mysterious biscuits turned up, Bernadette passed them en route to the fax machine, paused ponderously, and took one.

My point here is this:  normal people, when presented with biscuits, will eat them.  Normal people, when presented with biscuits, do not stare at the box long enough to even see if there is a sell by date, let alone if said biscuits have gone past it.

Hence, Sandra is not normal.  It's also further proof that nothing I ever did was good enough, and she seemed to be perpetually convinced I was trying to poison her.  Which, I suppose, would have made it all the funnier if I'd put sour milk in her desk drawer before I left...
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Random - Trees

An entry full of pictures.

Right then, here we go.  Have some pictures.  There are four sets of photos here, all under cuts: the trip to London in October, a selection from Bonfire Night at Paul's mum's, our snowman, and some long-awaited photographs of the flat that I took about two hours ago (before we went out for a curry)...

So, without further ado:

Collapse )

Right, that's the worst of it over with.  Next are the photos from Bonfire Night, or at least a selection of the best...

Collapse )

I'm really proud of some of those...

Collapse )

Collapse )

So, that's where I live.  Homely, ain't it?

And finally, really finally, here is the sole photograph I took on Valentine's Day, in Kings Heath Park...

You can't really see the tree that well, but it's pretty nonetheless...

And that, you'll be glad to know, is it.  If I'd had the internet before now these would have come in short bursts instead of one, long post.  You can come back now. :)
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