March 4th, 2007

Random - Garbo

The weekend so far.

I've been rather busy.  On Thursday night was the Legal Services pub quiz (our team came ninth...), followed by the MGM on Friday at the Flapper.

On Saturday we got a few bits of shopping, including birthday cards for Andrea (Paul's sister-in-law) and Jenny.  Didn't do much else during the day except argue with the internet connection (as usual - it's being strangely cooperative today) and then head out for a gig at the Market Tavern in Digbeth, for Jenny's birthday.

We stayed at said gig for a grand total of one drink, which was entirely my fault.  I didn't want to go in the first place but went anyway.  It took about 1 minute in the gig room upstairs to remind me how much I hated the pub.  It's not that it's a horrible pub, per se, but the room where they hold the gigs is too small for the amount of noise they pump out.  (Also, the last time we were there over a year ago, the night ended with quite of a lot of horrible angst, so perhaps a lot of it was psychological.)

*shrug*  Perhaps I'm missing the point, but my idea of entertainment is not to have my ears bleed.  Anyway, we spoke to Davey briefly (his band was playing later) and then headed down to the bar for drinks, whereupon I burst into tears and we ended up with Paul agreeing to take me home after Davey's solo set with his ukelele.

So we spent the evening in instead.

Today has been about watching Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, which I rather wish I'd seen at the cinema.  At the time I believe my words were "It looks pretty but the plot sounds shit".  If I'd realised it was so stylised (i.e. had the trailer been better) I probably might've gone to see it...

So, yeah.  I'm only in for four days next week (and the latter half of Friday) and then hopefully off for the week after that, depending on if I can build enough flex for the last day, otherwise I'll be coming in on Friday...

There would have been a similar but more self-pitying entry about the gig-related fiasco last night, but the internet was being an arse, which didn't help my mood in the slightest...
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I had forgotten that unusual joy in discovering new sites full of fanfic.  It took a Google search to find one other than those created years ago, but I managed to find a selection of Jonathan Creek fanfic (Jonathan/Maddy fic, at that) to satisfy my craving for a bit.

It's Americanised and the characterisation is mostly quite rubbish... but sometimes, that doesn't matter.  Warm fuzzies, mmmm.

I have chocolate, I have wine, and I have fanfic.  All is right in the universe.

(Except our leaky front window...)
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