March 12th, 2007

MH - take my hand - D/Y

Sleepy Pauly.

I will probably get told off for posting this, but I couldn't resist.

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Well, not quite that secret, as I told him afterwards, when he woke up.  But anyway.

Today, on my first day off work, I have achieved precisely nothing except doing the washing up, filling in some of my puzzle book, reading the start of Making the Cat Laugh by Lynne Truss, and watching The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Although I did go to the US Robotics website, as directed by joetimewaster to install the latest version of their firmware for the router.  I hold out no hope that it'll solve our having-to-reboot-the-router problem, but it's worth a try...

Tomorrow I fully endeavour to actually do something productive.  Whilst I'm off I want to try and get all of our various boxes emptied and/or sorted.  There are two boxes in the bedroom full of cuddly toys and miscellaneous bags; the toys need to go on top of the wardrobes, and the bags will go into a drawer once we get the towel rack for the bathroom.  There are also two boxes in the hall full of books, and even though I have nowhere in particular to put them, it would be nice to at least get the bookcase there instead, so it's not clogging up our hall.

And I need to empty the big yellow plastic box of its various junk (and also buy fuses for the two lamps that Paul's mum gave us, as we can't use them at the moment), so we can fill it with bottles and get some sodding recycling done, since the Council's Environmental Services completely failed to send us a new box and bag.  I don't know what I'm going to do with the paper yet.  Presumably fill one of my empty boxes with it.

I also need to go to International Stock to get some superglue (20p!!) so I can fix the broken joss stick holder in the living room, and get some bits of food like stuffing, milk, bread, salt, etc.  It's not true, you know: you do run out of salt. ;)

Talking of salt, why is it so difficult to get hold of salt cellars???  Our salt grinder broke, and even though Lisa got us huggy-person salt and pepper shakers for Christmas, we can't use them because I only tend to buy rock salt and peppercorns.  I've tried Home Zone and The Glory Hole (it's a kitchen shop) in Kings Heath to no avail - everyone sells pepper grinders and salt shakers, not salt grinders.  Argos had loads in their old catalogue, but have about one set now.  It's infuriating.

A trip to Wilkinson is on the cards, I think.  It's the only place I know of where I can get oil for my burner, too, at least in big bottles...  There's one in Acocks Green that I would try and find if I were braver, but I'll probably end up trekking to West Bromwich on the Metro instead... though as it's the week, it might not be too bad.

Must not forget, in my languishing, to go to choir tomorrow...
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WIW - Marian

Repeated meme.

I did this one some time ago, in fact, but it occurs to me I've seen a few more movies from the list since then...  So here we go.  The original version is here.

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My score: 172/444

As before, however, a lot of them are things I wouldn't want to see in a million years, as the meme has already done the rounds of teen journals.  If we don't include the 10 I've technically added, that's 162, which is 31 more films than last time.  Which, really, is quite impressive.  There are some others I've seen bits of, and some I really want to see, so I might do this again in a year and see where it's at. :)
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