March 14th, 2007

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More productivity.

Achieved so far today:

Out of bed by 11.00.

Washing up done.

Kitchen surfaces clean.

Load of washing in machine, including tablecloth.

Meat taken out of freezer for dinner.

Breakfast eaten.

Still to do:  shopping.  According to my Lloyds TSB account balance text this morning I am already horrendously overdrawn, and it's two weeks until payday.  Alas, most of the stuff I need to get is essentials.  Also put star lights up in hallway, and remember to eat early before going swimming.

This entry is pointless.  There is a filtered dream post coming next which will be slightly more interesting...
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Hymn to St. Cecilia

These are the words to one of the pieces we'll be singingin Tewkesbury Abbey in June.  It's unaccompanied and the music itself is beautiful enough, without the added bonus of having lovely words...

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The second part is done as a canon and sounds beautiful, and the stanza that starts with "O dear white children" is a harmonic section underneath the soprano solo with some truly gorgeous melodies in it (my favourite is the "your lover dead" bit).

It's very difficult, especially because it's designed for a small chamber choir and we're a large choral group, with a lot of women who love to show off their vibrato.  It's also difficult because there are lots of lovely high bits that are very quiet.  Which is no mean feat, and hence the vibrato-ladies are having to tone it down a bit.

The basses have a lot of work to do as well.  But it should sound amazing when it's up and running.

In other news, all of my messengers officially work.  For those that don't have them and want to add me for real time conversation, here are my various details:

AIM: teylamina (note the 'a' at the end)
YIM: teylaminh

I am nothing if not unoriginal. :)

Anyway, I mustn't mess about online all night, I need to get my stuff ready for swimming.  Yay, swimming. :)
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MH - numb haven - K/Y

Relationship meme.

Snurched from marz109.

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My answers would be wittier for more in-depth, but I'm exhausted.

I managed half a length with breast stroke today (front crawl is my stroke of choice) and my legs didn't cramp up, and nor did my feet.  Definitely progress...
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