March 16th, 2007

Erik - blank

Another mad dream.

I'll post the dream under a cut in a bit (can't be bothered to filter).  Bah, it's midday.  I wanted to up before then as well.  Not because I have anything I particularly need to do, just because...

Today I shall make Katie her final Catatonia + compliation CD, though after that I'll do her a copy of my 'Evolution' mix of the singles and B-sides.  I think I have the front cover scanned somewhere, though frell knows how I'm going to adapt it this time.  My CD covers are getting less and less original each time...

Anyway, dream:

Collapse )

It was at that point that I woke up.  The feeling of total excitement and anticipation at telling someone lingered a little into consciousness, which is why I had to write it down, but it's just a shame I couldn't remember more of it, really...
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