March 19th, 2007

Edward - snow


Well, that was a relaxed-ish weekend after my not-so-relaxing week off...

On Saturday we headed into Kings Heath, firstly, to get Mother's Day presents and cards. Poplar Road and Instores proved lucky for that. Then we got back and did nothing for a bit and then headed out into Birmingham to meet Lloyd et al for his birthday drinks at the Briar.

I much preferred the Briar before it was refurbished. I very much appreciate that it is now non-smoking (a pub where you can breathe and don't come out smelling of other people's smoke? God forbid!) but do not appreciate that it now has big screens showing sports. I liked it WITHOUT the sports.

At least I managed not to get into any arguments. I think that may have been partly due to herringprincess's influence, as she is quite calming. Probably just as well, with Lloyd's knee-jerk reaction apparently being to throw large blocks of wood at people...

I gave a miss to playing the "I Have Never" game, because honestly, it's a bit pointless. I have never done anything. I am, of course, innocence personified. So there's very little point in playing a drinking game where one drinks if one has done the things in question, as I would have drunk precisely nothing.

At 9.00ish everyone headed off to a gig at the Actress and Bishop. I wanted to go home, but ended up going to the Yard of Ale with Paul to play on their ItBox.

And then he reached the annoying stage of drunk and was being irritating on the bus home, took something I said entirely the wrong way, and sulked for the rest of the night. And, as usual, demanded we watch a DVD in bed and fell asleep halfway through.

On Sunday we were having both mothers over for lunch. So in the morning we headed out to Sainsbury's to buy wine and veg. We got IDed in there because the server was under 18, so decided to get everything elsewhere and ended up walking to Somerfield instead.

I hate that I should be expected to carry ID around with me (which in my case is a passport) just because stupid teenagers can't wait until they're the legal age to buy bloody alcopops. Yes, CLEARLY I am under 18.

Anyway, dinner was nice. Paul's mum was waiting over an hour for a bus and only just got there in time for it being served, after David went to pick her up.

I now have my keyboard and music, hurrah. It's currently on the landing but that will probably have to change. I might hide it under the sideboard instead.

The weather is CRAZY.