March 20th, 2007

Random - Trees

List of unrelated things...

1. I must remember, when I run out of medication, to throw away the empty bloody boxes. I had a brief panic last night because I realised I'd run out of Pills, which would have meant trying to make an appointment this morning, using up my lunch to go to it (assuming they had one today), waiting ages for the prescription, not being able to get it, and subsequently not being able to go swimming on Wednesday. But then I checked the date and GP address on the empty box this morning and it was my old surgery; I'd had a prescription since then, when I registered at the new surgery. So I checked in my purse - ah, glorious prescription!

2. Upon picking it up this morning (big queue at Boots, bus stuck in traffic, late for work) I ran into Pritpal from school. What with Crystal and Jenn at swimming, it's starting again... I wonder who else I'll run into? [ETA: I saw someone else in the sandwich shop, who I think was called Lucy. She was in my A-Level English group, anyway. I doubt she'd recognise me, and I don't think I turned round long enough for her to see me...]

3. Our fee earners need to learn that I cannot magically make their documents appear. Nor can I do five things at once. Bernie put an urgent in last night which I would happily have done this morning, had she not then put ANOTHER urgent in after that which was needed for the same time. And given I was in late (9.00 rather than 8.45) I lost the precious 15 minutes in which I could've done the first one. So instead I had to do one and give the other one to our temp (Val), so it didn't get done in time. But honestly, it doesn't help when Bernie asks me where it is in such a manner as to imply I should conjure it out of mid-air.

4. Add to that, "the printer's out of toner", "Tray 2 is empty" and "can you do this one next please?" and I've only just (at 10.00) managed to get into a proper routine.

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I do believe that's everything.

Choir tonight. At least I'm not insanely tired for a change. I woke up at some point this morning thinking I'd fallen asleep with my side lamp on, as the room seemed distinctly blue, but it turned out to be daylight over the top of the curtains. I think Spring is trying to, er, spring. It just needs to warm up a bit. But not too much. about 10 degrees would be fine. :)
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