March 22nd, 2007

MH - numb haven - K/Y

Taking a well-earned break.

...of a sort, anyway. Typing this whilst updating an index.

In counting my instruction sheets, today I have done 28 pieces of typing (which equates to about 60 documents, all told), with two more still to go in the tray and the one I'm currently typing. I think the average here is about 10 per day. I've beaten my own record, anyway, and got through the substantial pile of work that has accumulated throughout the course of the day.

This is mostly because a) I was in at 8.30 and b) if I stop working I'll fall asleep. No, seriously. I don't feel quite as rough as I did just before lunch, but that's only due to being medicated.

My lungs and back really hurt and I keep sneezing so have probably infected the entire office, but since Noor is on leave I don't have much choice. The team next door have twice as much work as us, so are already using the cover temp (Val) so I can't really go off sick. I think I would get a NOC anyway if I did.

Hopefully it'll clear up over the weekend. I'll dope myself up on Benylin night-time tablets again tonight (they really work!) and struggle through Friday.

I SO deserve that curry at Wetherspoons tonight...
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