March 23rd, 2007

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Strange dream.

It started off quite normal and then turned into fandom. Which makes a surprising change. Here it is as I emailed it to Paul this morning...

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I can also remember, in retrospect, dreaming about cooking a really, really nice roast chicken for dinner, but getting so involved in making sure it was perfect that I'd completely forgotten to cook the vegetables...

Can't be bothered to do two separate posts by filtering the dream, so here's an entry as well.

Last night I was exhausted. While Paul was online I went to have a nap for an hour or so, though typically I got more sleep when he kept interrupting me than when he said he'd wake me up in an hour. Always the way, I suppose; when you CAN sleep, you can't. We went out for Wetherspoon's curry at about 8.00 or thereabouts, and then played on their ItBox for an hour and a half or so. We each put £6 into it, and got half of that back. (Mostly because we finally got all the monsters - completely by fluke - in "Monster Cash" and automatically won a fiver.)

My grandmother and uncle are coming around for dinner tonight. She rang last night and Paul took the call, as I was asleep at the time. We are cooking them roast pork and she's bringing us a chicken - after establishing if we had a freezer. I'm not sure how she thinks we live... possibly in a tiny box with no furniture and a little gas stove on which to cook our tins of beans. Bizarre.

As a result, though, I'll need to go home via Tesco to pick up potatoes, brocolli, cauliflower, carrots and parsnips, as we've only got two tatties left and have stopped getting frozen veg as it's tasteless. Then I also need to make the place look a bit more presentable, though luckily since I moved the shelves it looks better anyway. I just need to tidy the bedroom and probably do the washing up.

They're coming at 7.00. I'm really far to tired and unwell to have them round, but I've been putting it off too long - I still have their Christmas presents, which I didn't send because we were going to have them around between Christmas and New Year.

Ho hum. At least it's the weekend, and only another week til the bank holiday and hence a 4-day weekend.
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