March 28th, 2007

Photo - leaves

Random remembrance.

I first read about this person in Paul's Nuts magazine.  By which I mean, he showed it to me and I thought it was cool.  The article, that is.

Space Coyote has a website other than her deviantArt profile.  I mention this because of her frelling amazing Simpsons and Futurama fanart.  There are lots more if you click on the link for 'Art', of individual characters and suchlike.

The Simpsons cast one appeared in Nuts, and I've only just seen the Futurama one.

I wish this lady knew of or watched Most Haunted, because it's exactly how I envisaged Anime!MH to look when I was busy imagining it... Alternatively, I wish I were rich enough to commission her. :D

Anyway, that is my useful link of the day. :)

Back from swimming, and it wasn't as bad as I was anticipating.  Only one foot cramp, and that was a little one that came from messing around rather than actually swimming.  I have discovered that swimming is easier with my head in the water, as I suppose it makes me more streamlined.

Alison is having an affair with the wave machine. :P

Er, anyway.  I shall lounge around online for a bit and then go to bed early.  I should probably try to get into work a bit earlier tomorrow in order to catch up with the backlog of work.  I kept being given urgents and amendments all day that meant most of the stuff got sidetracked, and the 3-tape dictation that was taken yesterday to 'help' me caused me to have to do a 50-minute-long amendment on it because the fee earner tried to move bits of it around and completely screwed up the formatting... either that or it was screwed to start with, which explains why it took the WPO four hours to get it done...

Anyway, end point, I had to re type most of it again with the correct formatting because it was quicker than trying to fix all the stupid mistakes.

I am full of horrible snot.  Which I'm sure everyone wanted to know.
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