April 1st, 2007

Random - Trees


Friday - nothing much, as far as I remember.  Food at the pub, and back in time for Ugly Betty.  Which keeps on surprising me.  I've lost track of the amount of episodes there've been now, but it seems to me they're winding down (or up, cliffhanger style) for the end of season 1.  I just hope this doesn't get cancelled before it's time like everything else good to ever come out of America...

On Saturday we went to Aldi in Selly Oak to get LOTS of shopping.  £50 worth of shopping.  At least the fridge and cupboards are full now.  And I think that was about it.  I watched telly, Paul hogged the PC.  That's it.  And I can't remember what I watched, either...  Oh, except we finally got around to watching King Kong on Sky Movies, as they were finally broadcasting its three hours at a reasonable time.  Quite impressed, really.  Collapse )

Talking of FFN, I was quite disturbed to discover that there was a category on there, the last time I visited for EastEnders.  Yes.  THAT EastEnders.  I could've understood it if there was any current 'ship to speak of.  God knows when the Kat/Alfie storyline was ongoing I had my own thoughts of fic - neatly squashed almost immediately - going through my brain.  Even the Dennis/Sharon pairing was fic-worthy.  But most of the stuff on there is of the annoying Mary-Sue-falls-into-Walford type.  People are WEIRD.

There's still no category for Sunset Blvd., for which I am actually glad.  As much as I have lamented the lack of fic, once there's a category on FFN the badfic is inevitable, as is the deluge of Joe/Betty OTPers, and I don't think my brain can handle that.  I likes my elitist fandom as it is.

Also still no category for Jonathan Creek, for which, again, I am glad.  The last batch I found was entertaining and nice in its own way, but the characterisation kind of fell apart as soon as the American author went near it... given that they don't understand our sarcasm or the subtle nuances in our various dialects. ;)

Oh!  But!  Wonder of wonders!  The Phantom category FINALLY has a 'world' filter, so you can get rid of all those HORRIBLE movie-based fics and filter by book or musical.  It's been WAY overdue.  I'd still prefer an entirely separate category, I think... at least we had a little grace period before the REALLY horrible stuff turned up, because none of the annoying movie fangirls realised it was a book...


Today I have mostly watched television and done embroidery and written this entry, and that's about it.  I'm going to see what other horrors FFN holds, and then I'm going to bed.  At least with all the bank holidays coming up, I have a four day week, followed by another four day week, and then it's our anniversary so I have a three-day week.  Sounds good to me. :)
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