April 2nd, 2007

Edward - butterfly

Email shenanigans.

I think that worked.  I just remembered that I needed to change the settings for Outlook Express and my website emails, and it turned out to be easier to start from scratch.

Good things:  both my hosting people and Virgin are helpful people. And unlike AOL, who claim not to work with Outlook Express, Virgin actually tell you what details to put where so you're not fumbling around trying to make it work.

Nice people.  Evil AOL.

In the meantime, to ensure it works (and so I can put people on my SpamFighter whitelist) can people please send a short email to feedback at teylaminh dot com?  Ta.  Now I just need to go through the pages and find all reference to the old email address and change it...

I should probably mention, it's not going to be my primary email address.  That will still be the Yahoo! one.  Unfortunately they make you pay to synchronise it with Outlook otherwise I'd sync them all... ;)

So, yes.  At least I'm only at work for four days this week.  And four days next week.  And three the week after that.  Quite a relief.  Yay for Easter.

Today I had an amendment to do that wasn't mine, but as usual I did it because it was quicker that way.  I've pasted some bits of it (with personal details omitted, where applicable) under the cut just to demonstrate some of the horrible grammar in the thing.  I mean, it might just be me, but you'd think that the rest of the WPOs would have some sense of English, let alone common sense.  Or maybe I'm the only one who pays attention to what I'm typing...

Collapse )

Yeah.  And they're all slow. :P

I do believe that's everything I was going to say.  I think I'll investigate the Doc/Seven fic on FFN for a bit, as a few seem to have come in recently...
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