April 4th, 2007

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Entry written at work.

Under the cut.  Today was HELLISHLY boring.

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I left at 4.45 in the end, as there was no work forthcoming.  Marie emailed around all the fee earners to ask if they had anything the WPOs could do, which prompted Bernie to ask me what sort of things she meant, to which I replied, "Er... photocopying?"

I have a rather nice pasta creation for my instant tea (Paul is out with old friends so I don't have to cook actual food) containing lamb in ragu sauce with broccoli and shell pasta. I could very easily create this one myself, since we bought an instant pasta sauce (and more importantly, some tomato puree) on Saturday, and always have broccoli lying around.  Also, the huge (as in, three times the size of my head) bag of pasta I bought when we moved in is still going strong... that's a lot of pasta.

Swimming later, woo.  And then one more day of work before the long weekend... :)

In adding lots of random people-I-actually-know to my FaceBook profile thinger, I am quite amused by the 'connections' they ask you to make to the person.  'We went to school together' somehow doesn't seem adequate enough to cover 'and spoke on MSN for years', just as 'Met through a friend' doesn't quite cover 'squeed at various people in Blackpool"...  In any case, I blame Crystal for adding me in the first place. :)

Anyway.  I must finish my tea and finish packing for swimming and sort my bag out and make lunch for tomorrow, and not spend the next hour and three-quarters online.  No.  That would be bad.
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FANFIC!!!  (Does this count as something productive?)

Oh, my goodness me!  Chapter 13 of Sweet Intoxication (never ending pretentious uber-fic of Phantom-y doooooom) is finished!  And was apparently finished some time ago, but I didn't have the internets in order to upload it.

Very short chapter.  I SUCK.  But since it's been over a year since I updated the bloody thing, it'll have to do.

And hopefully new people will find it.  They will most likely be annoying movie fanpeople, but reviews is reviews. :)

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