April 6th, 2007

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Bank holiday so far.

So far, quite relaxing.  Today we got some shopping in - our bi-monthly Meat Shop from the butchers, and some stuff from Sainsbury's.  And also, a jaunt to my GP surgery because I've run out of asthma medication.

Of course, it's not open until Tuesday, so I had to put my repeat prescription through the letter box instead.  Hopefully I'll be able to pick it up on Tuesday afternoon.  Unfortunately I have very little of my salbutamol left and just about enough seretide to last until Tuesday morning, so I won't be doing anything remotely energetic this bank holiday weekend.

Bank holidays are annoying, really... shoppers start to panic like it's the end of the world, and all the useful public services are closed.  Obviously, I should know, working for the Council.  But it doesn't help that such public services, like banks and doctors' surgeries, are shut the rest of the time, as well.  When will they understand that, hello, the majority of people are working 9-5 Monday-to-Friday, and hence closing after 5.00 and at weekends is not helpful for those of us who have to earn a living.  And I'm fairly sure, in this day and age, that banks should no longer take the 'bank holiday' terminology so literally.

If they were open at bloody weekends, then maybe.  As it is, they get the same amount of frelling time off as the rest of us, AND the lazy bastards open late on Wednesdays.


Today I have watched the final six episodes of Nip/Tuck (having missed out 4 and 5 due to them disappearing from Virgin Central for no reason) and now I want to watch season 2.  It's really bloody good.  I was quite surprised to find the first season didn't end with a cliffhanger.

And ten minutes 'til Ugly Betty.  I hope it does last; I suspect it will purely because the majority of Americans don't realise how clever it is (which is ironic, considering the messages in the show about the superficiality of human nature), whereas I firmly do believe it's a lot cleverer than it's given credit for.  It has so far continued to surprise me, anyway.

Not that that's difficult these days...

Sooo, yeah.  Here's hoping I can breathe for the next few days.  The preventative helps, but not much, and the last time I was without salbutamol for a weekend it took nearly a week for my lungs to get back to normal, even with my preventative.  The only trouble is when I KNOW I have no medication I automatically feel worse. It's all psychological sometimes, I think.  You'd be amazed how much relief a dead inhaler can give when you don't realise it's empty...

Does anyone Birmingham-wards have asthma and take salbutamol and have a spare inhaler I could buy off you?  I know it's not technically allowed, but I want to cover my back...
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