April 10th, 2007

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How very annoying.  I spent the majority of this morning writing an LJ entry, and then forgot to email it home to myself.  Bugger.  Probably just as well, though, as I was annoyingly pre-menstrual this morning and it was mostly full of whinging.  It does, however, also comprise a write-up of Sunday and Monday's activities, so I might just post it tomorrow morning instead...

Anyway.  I went to get my prescription from the doctor's and there was no hassle whatsoever (my old surgery would probably have lost it or held onto it until I physically put it into their 'repeat prescriptions box'...) and will pick it up from Boots tomorrow, which means I can give wrysprygoat his inhaler back. :)

The thing I now realise I forgot to put into it is that Paul and I are buying each other tattoos for our anniversary.  Er, not matching ones or anything, that would be weird.  But I can't decide what to get, and given I have bits of my body reserved for other tattos I may never get (but hold out for nonetheless), I'm sort of at a loss...

Paul thinks I should make a start on getting the stars done on my left leg.  I want them to start at my ankle and go all the way up my leg, around the leg, in all different shapes and sizes with a few maybe coloured in.  But my legs are too flabby at the moment so I don't want to get it done, lose weight and have it go saggy.  The tattoo place in Kings Heath had some lovely little butterfly tattoos, but I don't know where I'd get it...  I'm also sort of restricted by work.  Marie knows about all of them and doesn't mind, but, you know.  I don't want a big one on my forehead or anything. :)  I should really get my POTO one finished, but I still need to work on the design to get it right.

Any suggestions?
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