April 12th, 2007

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There's Something About Thursdays

There really is. I'm always ridiculously tired (probably because it's nearly the end of the week, but not quite), I'm in for a full day, and to top that off my PMT has kicked in with a vengeance. Not so much in the 'killing-the-next-person-to-annoy-me' way, but more in the 'can't-be-arsed' way.

I've had to resort to buying coffee (and a McDonalds muffin) this morning... although it doesn't seem to be as highly espresso'd as the last one, which is something. As in, it's actually drinkable. If I liked tea this wouldn't be half so bad; I feel rather like a pretentious yuppie buying my coffee from Pret-A-Manger, but it's the nearest coffee-selling establishment to work, and it's marginally cheaper and more palatable than Starbucks.

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At least the coffee has made me halfway human again. I was half-asleep on the bus earlier, although I travelled into town with Lisa and we shared a Metro paper, which helped. Add to this the OW PERIOD PAINS OW that have just kicked in (literally, at 9.30, ON BOTH SIDES) and this morning has been a bit meh.

There were six items in my tray this morning, and Liz still decided she was going to take two of them. And then brought one finished one back and took ANOTHER before she'd even finished the other one. And also completely ignored the one that was in there for copy-typing. Um? At least Val checks before she takes anything, and applies some common sense, rather than just diving in and taking stuff. I am now on the last piece of work and there's hardly anyone in, and those who are don't seem to be dictating.

I'm going to put a sign on the tray. "If there are less than 8 items in here, HANDS OFF!". Or possibly just suggest that if I need any help I'll ring Marie and ask. As it turns out, both the typists are off sick in the other team next door so I'll be helping them out today...

Now for something completely different, or, in other words, another part of a series I may begin on my LJ entitled "Evidence That Sandra Was Insane". We've already established she was a bitch, but more and more evidence is coming to light now I'm working with normal, rational people that she was, in fact, utterly barmy... and not in the endearing little-old-lady way.

A few minutes ago I went downstairs to the photocopying room to do more copies of my typing instruction sheets (which the fee earners fill in and put with their tapes so we know roughly what we're going to be typing) and decided to grab a box of paper whilst I was down there.

I got the lift back up again. As I was going through our automatic / push-button disabled access door (we used to have a wheelchair-bound lady working here, but she's off sick at the moment), our new locum Solicitor, Janice, saw me coming and opened the door for me and let me through.

A while back, I was struggling carrying something, though I don't remember now if it was a box of paper or an armful of files... but either way, it was heavy and awkward. I think it was files as I was coming out of Natasha's office. Sandra had just arrived and breezed into the room with an "You all right?", at the same time forcing her way past me and not even bothering to hold the door open.

If a well-educated, intelligent Solicitor, with every right to look down her nose at the low-paid typist, can open a door for me, that not only proves that Sandra is a bitch, but that there was something seriously wrong with her brain...

I'm probably a bit too hung up on Sandra's antics. But seriously. She's not normal.

I shall now sign this off.
MH - take my hand - D/Y


Don't worry, I'm not ranting this time. ;)

So.  I did a Google image search earlier on the kind of style I was thinking of.  This is a modern version of what I was thinking of, and this is a photo of Louise Brooks.

The problem is that these styles are characterised by a severe fringe.  Fringes and me Do Not Get Along.  My natural hairline falls into a centre parting (even when it's short) and I'm not sure if it would hold a fringe for very long.

Images under the cut.  One is for possibly only jackiesjottings's interest, as I said I would post a photo of my hair's current length before I cut it, and the other is a (badly) photoshopped version of what I might look like with Louise Brooks' hair.

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I don't think it suits me, but that might be just because it's not really my hair in the photo.  The last bob I had looked really nice, but that didn't have a fringe and was nicely layered.  I'm sort of half-considering a modern version of the 1920s style with the 'diagonal' cut where it's shorter at the back and long at the front. I can't decide whether it would frame my face well or just make it look even fatter than it does in that photograph... :(

Any suggestions, anyone?
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