April 25th, 2007

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I can't think of an appropriate rhyme for Wednesday.

Although today is apparently Computer Annoyances Day. This post was going to go on co_workers_suck originally, but as it's more of a general Council suck I won't bother...

One of the trainees currently working for Adults team can be a little dippy at times. This is the same woman who kept calling me 'Rachel' the other day despite getting my name right on email.

Anyway, she is working at the one PC in the room which has trouble with its keyboard configuration, so symbols such as '@' and most others don't do anything when you try and make them work. I did try resetting them in Word for the '£' symbol but it ignored my command, so I suspect it's set to Japanese or soemthing annoying. Kind of beyond my realm of capabilities, and most people with the PC just grin and bear it.

So earlier I talked her through the copy-pasting-from-the-Character-Map process in order to get the '@' symbol to work. It's obviously too difficult a process to remember and she wanted an icon for it on the desktop... fair enough, I suppose.

So I start trying to make an icon for it in the usual way from the desktop, but I can't find it anywhere. And our PCs are set up in such a way that we can't right click on anything in the Start menu in order to find out its properties, and nor can we drag anything from the Start menu to the desktop. Sorry - no shortcut.

The IT Department are too bloody paranoid for their own good, but apparently not paranoid enough. We can't change our desktop picture or colour scheme or anything else (luckily they will let us change our screen resolution, otherwise I would go completely insane). Yet this past week due to the printer's IP address going roaming again and the address on the PCs also going roaming, I have been able to access the printer port settings and reconfigure them on more than one occasion. In fact I've only encountered one PC where the printer port settings were blocked.

This is presumably to make fixing such problems easier for IT staff without them having to log in as administrators, but if they were really THAT paranoid about us breaking stuff, surely an important thing like the printer port IP configuration would be blocked? Also, Windows does its usual "YOU MUST NOT CHANGE ANYTHING IN THIS FOLDER!!!!111one!" thing on the Windows and Programs directory, but IT have done nothing to stop people going any further.

If they're going to be paranoid, that's fine. But at least be paranoid PROPERLY.


And to top that off, Paul's broken the internet, or something approximating to it. He's off sick again today and as punishment I'm making him put the washing upstairs to dry before it starts to smell. If he's well enough to go downstairs to reboot the router, he's MORE than well enough to go up to the attic. :P

AND I have no work. AGAIN. Our team meeting was adjourned until tomorrow due to someone else needing the room, which Marie conveniently forgot to tell us about. Although having said that, she did tell me it was on Thursday, but I assumed she was mistaken about the day.

I sent her the email this morning. Collapse )

Not a moment too bloody soon by the looks of it. This morning has been ridiculous.

There was nothing in the tray when I arrived so I amused myself with a pointlessly short tape from the other side, which took all of ten minutes. Then Alastair put an index in for amending - 20 minutes. Then there was a lull, and then Faten put in two long pieces; one 2 tapes, one whole tape. I booked those in, and whilst typing the first one a short one came in from Ian and a longer one from Alison.

Whilst I was typing, the following happened:

1. Val came up. She looked in the tray, realised there was only one piece of work remaining (at that point), left it there, and left.

2. Gaynor came up. She looked in the tray, and took the last piece of work. This was the whole-tape of Faten's, which she took at 10.00, and still hasn't returned (at 11.45, time of writing).

In the interim, I booked in the other two pieces mentioned.

3. Carol came up. She looked in the tray, and took BOTH pieces of work, and left.


I am going to start hiding work. I stayed later than I intended on Monday night because there was a 2.5-tape document in there which I wanted to take out, because I knew if that if I left early not only would all my work have vanished by the next morning, but the 2.5-taper would be gone all bloody day. I think if I can at least stop the taking-two-pieces-of-work issue, my life will be much easier.

(Added: 1.30) AND, I've just had a perfect example of why people should leave my work alone. One of the Seniors has just found some letters in her tray from Thursday (19th) which she needed to sent out that day. Someone else had taken them that day and according to the book they were brought back an hour or so later on the same day. The only theory that works is that they were brought back but put in the wrong tray and have only just found their way to the fee earner.

She asked me to change the dates to today with a big, obvious "dictated on" date on them to prove when they were actually meant to go out, and to have a word with the WPO in question. Who, of course, can't remember as far back as Thursday, let alone whose tray the work might have gone back to. She also had a very "What am I supposed to do about it?" attitude. Well, either way, I'm in the fee earner's good books for at least attempting to figure out what happened...

Gragh. I want to go home. Again. (And that was at about 12.00. I've not been able to access t'internet until now.) I intended to leave at 4.00 today but I'm waiting for Ian to finish dictating his urgent draft order so I can go. :(
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