April 30th, 2007

Cabaret - Maybe This Time


Conversation from this morning:

Trainee Solicitor: Someone's password-protected my trainee diary, can you get into it for me?
My mouth: The network is playing up at the moment; try it in a few minutes.

The lack of anything to do at work (as well as the annoyance of people taking all my work away) has clearly had an adverse stress reaction. My nails are brittle and the skin around them has started to peel. No noticeable extra hair loss so far, but it can only be a matter of time. I also have a headache gnawing away at my temples...

On Sunday we bought a bin for by the computer and a new washing up bowl, which is see-through. Hence making it easier to tell when the sink is disgusting. The old bowl was starting to split and was also so encrusted with grease that doing the washing up was a rather pointless process...

Yup, my life gets no more exciting than a new washing up bowl...

I've been watching a lot of those DIY SOS / House Doctor / generic decorating type shows lately. The US series Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is simultaneously heart-warming and incredibly depressing, because you know they'd never be able to do the same thing over here. For those that haven't seen it, the EM:HE team go to someone's house, rip it down, and build it again so it fits their needs, i.e. disabled access with lifts. On the one I watched last night they also managed to raise a load of money to help the family pay off their mortgage repayments.

They couldn't do that here, because the majority of people live in a) terraces or b) listed buildings, and the land is all owned by councils. So you can't just rip someone's house down and build it again. FFS, you need planning permission to build a bloody shed in your own back garden. It's a shame, as I'm sure there are just as many needy, broke families in the UK who need a better home who might benefit from the EM:HE team bulldozing their house. But I suppose they'll have to make do with Nick Knowles and DIY SOS instead...

Mosty I'm watching them for decorating hints. There was a brilliant idea in one of them where they used an OHP to project a silhouette on the wall and painted around it so it was a 'negative' white silhouette on the main wall colour, which looked amazing.

In my week off next week I intend to repaint the stair-rails on the landing, as they do need repainting and I have some blue gloss to use up. We should probably tell Trevor first, but I'm sure he won't mind. Although having said that, Trevor's idea of nice decorating is magnolia. Sorry, we're going to paint the kitchen blue and the bedroom pale blue and turquoise anyway. And also possibly the living room brown will become red. Eventually :P

Before that, however, I need to buy paintbrushes, turps and sandpaper...

That's about the only productive thing I intend to do in my week off, unless we get bookcase before then, in which case I'll sort out books instead. ;)

I think that's about it... I actually have work to do today. Woo.
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Christine - I can't escape

People Day.

Today was one of those days of running into people I know, and all in the space of 30 minutes.

Firstly, I Becky P (a trainee who has now moved on to pastures new) spotted me on the bus, though at first I didn't recognise her due to her hair being different...

Then I spotted broken_sticks bus surfing as he got off.

And then I saw composim coming out of work as I got off the bus.

Small world, really, innit?  Kings Heath, I mean. ;)
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