May 3rd, 2007

Photo - leaves

Clued up.

Swimming was good last night, though knackering due to the week off. We had intended to leave early so I could get back in time for the film, but those waves are just too much fun. And we missed the first bus back again. The next one was early, but that resulted in the driver sitting at the stop before mine for five minutes. He couldn't have gone ahead one more stop? No, obviously, because I was in a hurry...

I only missed the first 10 minutes, at least...

So, Clue. It's quite a bizarre concept for a film really. I'm surprised they didn't tackle Monopoly at the same time; another group of six people trying to buy various property in London to get as much money as possible from Mr Moneybags, and each other? Hm, perhaps there's not really enough scope. It would get boring very quickly, I think.

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As a result of watching it, however, I had a very strange dream where I was getting my hair done by Lily Allen, who ran her own salon. I was getting it cut into a diagonal bob and decided against dying it blue, instead choosing dark red. However, she didn't finish cutting it (she'd washed it and cut it to the longest length for the style), because I had to go off to do something.

The something appeared to be either taking part in or watching a version of a Sherlock Holmes story (where he was being played by Jonathan Pryce), whereby he was trying to solve the mystery using the characters from Clue, and then it turned out Watson was a woman, and Holmes had been withholding information because the others couldn't handle it.


Ho hum, no work again... at least it's nearly Friday.
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