May 4th, 2007

Photo - leaves

Meme; freebies.

I left work at 3.30 today because I'd had literally two very small things to do since 1.00pm and just couldn't be bothered any more.  Of course, everyone started bloody dictating again at 3.00, but whatever, I'm on leave all of next week so the 'Helpers' can help themselves to the entire work pile.  I think Ama is quite disturbed by the prospect already: "They're all really slow."  Given it took one of them just shy of four hours (!) to do a 2-tape this morning, I'm inclined to agree.  I admit the fee earner in question isn't the clearest, but that's no excuse...

Anyway.  Memeage time.

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And now for the freebies mentioned in the header.  Probably mostly of interest to jackiesjottings but open to others as well...

A while back I bought a pair of shoes from Barratts because they were in the sale.  However, because I have insanely long toes, they pinch just too much to be able to wear them comfortably, and are also the complete wrong shape for my feet in general.

They are glittery turquoise flat pumps of the kind you see everyone wearing lately, size 5.  Photo under the cut.

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You know how it is; you try shoes on in the shop and they're fine, until you try and walk in them. I've literally only worn them a couple of times in the hope of wearing them in, to no avail.

So, they are free to anyone who wants them.  I know how much Jackie likes her turquoise and her glitter, so I reckon these are right up her street.

They are completley free to a good home.  If there's no interest here I'll put them in the charity shop up the road.  I would put them on eBay or something but I'm not that desperate for money. :P
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