May 8th, 2007

Cabaret - Mein Herr

Bank Holiday.

It's been quite a busy weekend, really.

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On Saturday we popped out for some basics from Sainsbury's and then waited for my mum to bring bookcases and my bike over.  The bike needs a lot of work done to it so I might ask how much the bike shop up the road charges for a service.  It'll work out cheaper than a new bike, in any case; I didn't realise they were so bloody expensive these days.

In the evening we went to see Spiderman 3 at Cineworld, at 10.45pm.  Unfortunately the late showing didn't result in an empty cinema.  Seriously, why can't people just STFU?  Not to mention the idiot about five seats away who asked "What's that??" at a really obvious place, as though she hadn't been expecting that particular plot point to actually happen.  Collapse )

In other news, every time I see the new Pirates trailer I get more and more excited about it.  I'll be organising a group visit to see it when it opens and will doubtless post more nearer the time. It won't be properly organised (FAR too stressful) but more of a "come along at this date and time" thing.  Watch this space, and your email.

On Sunday we did very little indeed in the morning / afternoon except get curry sauce for dinner and watch EastEnders.  Then at about 6.00ish we headed off to see Zippo's Wild West Circus with joetimewaster and miss_scooter.  The circus was... well, a circus.  There was a little girl with pygmy ponies and her father with four trained palomino horses (which were beautiful, if a little temperamental), and the ring master had trained budgies. :)  When we arrived one of the clowns led us all the way around the big top and out again before saying we could sit anywhere, to the amusement of a few people who had already arrived...

It was very enjoyable, nonetheless.  We finished the night in the Billesley and then walked home from there.

And yesterday we took ourselves to Argos and Homebase to get some bits for the house.  Argos, typically, did not have the £2.99 showerhead I had intended to buy.  The one we have only has one setting (which makes it very difficult to get shampoo out of my hair) and also leaks.  Bollocks to you, Argos.  Bollocks also to Homebase, who had also sold out of their cheap showerheads.  However, we did manage to get the new lampshade for the bathroom (to get rid of the horrible ugly yellow uplighter that is currnetly in there) and the wave towel rail to go on the back of the door, which will hopefully free up a drawer in the bedroom.  We also got sandpaper, paintbrushes and turps from Homebase so I can paint the bannister, which probably isn't going to happen until tomorrow because I don't feel particularly well.  Just as well I'm not at work.

Other than that we did nothing.

Today I intend to do more of nothing, except possibly cleaning the kitchen floor and remembering to go to choir.  I've just realised that not only will I miss most of Alison's birthday party on the 19th due to the bloody Elgar concert (to which apparently less than 300 people are attending, which makes all the hard work seem entirely pointless), I'm also going to miss Shilpa's hog roast on 23 June because of the bloody Tewkesbury Abbey concert, which I still don't know if I can even do or not.  I mean, yeah, I enjoy choir, but it's kind of annoying that it's now impinging on what little social life I had left...  (And there are two weeks when I don't have to attend because they're rehearsing for The Kingdom concert, which I'm not doing.


My stomach hurts.  Not sure if it's something I've eaten or just its usual temperamental stropping, but nevertheless this has been going on since about Saturday.  Very annoying.

Anyway, yes.  My doing-nothing will start now.
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NBC - tower light


New(ish) layout.  It's one of the default 'Expressive' themes until I can muster the creativity to make a proper one.  I wish S2 were easier to modify in the same way as S1; I prefer the S1 style system, but I like the fact that you can view tags and your own user icons with S2.  Meh.

There is something of a theme here in that I was trying to use Alanis lyrics, as I had the idea to use "I'm wrong and I'm sorry, baby" as a header.  The rest of it is slightly unoriginal, but I've used three songs which kind of define me:  Hand in my Pocket (my life, except in parts), So Pure (reminds me of Paul) and Everything (which reminds me of both of us).

So, there we go.

I'm running out of momentum already, and it's already quarter-to-Wednesday.  Tomorrow I must actually be productive, including:  sandpaper bannister in preparation for repainting; take bathroom light fitting to Argos to get it replaced because there is a nut missing (or rather, it fell out of the box behind the washing machine and we can't find it; Argos don't have to know that), and try to get Paul's new MP3-player working...

I hold out no hope of getting any of it done.  I really need to head into Kings Heath at some point in order to find some summer shirts for work and some smart black sandals that aren't frumpy, clunky or tarty, which will be an impossible task.  Even more impossible due to not really having the money to do so.

We won a tenner on the Dream Number lottery thing on Saturday, and £2.00 on a Piratical scratchcard.  If this is a winning streak, can we get a couple of million next time?

Ah well.  At least my stomach ache's gone.
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