May 10th, 2007

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More productivity.

That's much more like it.

I was up at 10.00 this morning and have so far achieved the following:

~ Put washing outside to dry because it was sunny.

~ Brought washing in again 20 minutes later because it had started to rain.  Bastard weather.  It'll probably be glorious sunshine all next week, just wait...

~ Painted other bookcase.  Swapped bookcases over so that stickers are against the wall, by way of lifting the upper bookcase onto a swivel chair and then onto the other one.  Not very elegant, but got the job done.  Also glued base back onto top bookcase using uber-Bostik of gluey doooom.

~ Attempted to sand down bannisters.  Gave up.

~ Painted bannisters.  Took about two hours.  Some white bits, but I'll go over those tomorrow.  Looks okay; no paint on carpet, some paint on self.

~ Hoovered hallway and landing.

Am now boiling potato for my lunch.  There's no bread left so I'm having fried potato with scrambled / fried egg.  Yum.

I was meant to clean the kitchen today but that'll have to wait until later or tomorrow because I am now knackered.  Stair rails are not the easiest things to paint in the world...

Edit, 5.30: Kitchen is clean and relatively tidy, and I have a Rocky Horror themed layout to boot. I managed to get the S2 version of Tabular Indent (which I usually modify for my layouts) to work how I wanted it in terms of layout, although it appears to be ignoring my custom CSS and still takes days to load. I really need to upgrade my PC now...
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