May 16th, 2007

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Rushed week

This is one of those annoying weeks where I don't have enough days to do everything...

Tonight I should probably stay late (as in until 5.15) rather than leaving early to make up for the hours lost at the team lunch yesterday. (Pizza Express do very nice lasagne.) Except technically I can't, because I need to eat before going swimming I need to be back fairly early in order to cook. I'll just have to leave on time on Thursday and do all my cooking then...

So, tomorrow I need to: bake & ice Lemon Cake, and make meringues for the parfait. And then on Friday I'll make the parfait, as the only thing I need to do to that once it's made is freeze it...

I also have to get something else to go with Alison's present, which I'm going to try and do this lunchtime.

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Anyway. It doesn't help that this month I've bought a lot of stuff from Argos, probably about £40-worth of house things. Next month I'm going to try not to spend any money at all except for the allocated £20 a week. It CAN'T be that difficult.

In other news, I got absolutely soaked last night walking the 10 minute walk from work to choir. Annoyingly enough, if I'd left 15 minutes later I would have been fine. Also, when the rain started up again at 8.00, we were all trying to sing over the racket and failing. The room where we rehearse has a flat roof and large skylights, so I'm sure you can imagine the noise...

My work shoes were still damp this morning. Also I forgot to put the washing machine on before I left. Bugger.

Only one work annoyance today: my typing has been pretty much left alone this week because one WPO's dictation machine isn't working (and subsequently her help was more of a hindrance because it took her so long), but as soon as I went out for my lunch this afternoon - with only about 7 things left in the tray, it should be noted, and only three of those from today - two of them were taken. Bah.

During lunch I bought Part Two of Alison's present, which she technically already knows about, a new purse / wallet / whatever for myself, and some shoes from Priceless Shoes as it's closing down. They're patent black slight-wedge-heeled creations with a criss-crossing pattern, so I'm hoping to wear them with skirts rather than my boots now it's getting warmer. Slightly tacky, but hopefully smart enough for it not to notice as they're a fairly classic shape.

I'm going to investigate the Priceless Shoes in Kings Heath on the way home; they've had bags of various sizes in the window for ages, including a rather lovely turquoise one. They are now on sale and I can't see the turquoise one any more, but I spotted a nice dark green one in town earlier that I might get instead. Admittedly they were only a tenner to start with, but I think I can stretch to their reduced price of six quid. My current work bag is ugly and the suede covering is peeling off.. shame, really.

Aaaanyway. I must now sign this off and get back to doing some work.

(PS: At some point I may have to write an Ugly Betty fic. Watch this space.)
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