May 18th, 2007

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Last night when I went to bed I sat down with my personal journal and scribbled a 'plot synopsis' for my Ugly Betty fic. It's more... random introspection than an actual story, so said plot isn't very plotty. It was, however, inspired by Tuesday's rainstorm.

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And finally, at 11.00, one piece of work has come in... about bloody time, too.

...and an hour later, nothing again. I might go on lunch in a bit.

Wow. I really need a haircut. I can actually see my split ends perfectly clearly.

*stops writing LJ entry*

(Except that it's taken this long to get the internet to work...)
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Cabaret - Maybe This Time

Cakes or death?

The cakes are in the oven.  There are two 18" tins and three small pie tins in there as I'm making three baby cakes to go with the main one for Alison.  When I've had tea (Sainsbury's instant curry) and the cakes are cool I'll make the icing, although I created the uber-lemon flavour last time by accident.  I'll just keep adding lime until it works, I suppose.

In the meantime, here is a photograph of the parfait.  I've taken the strawberries off again and wrapped it in foil for the meantime, in order to transport it to the party... although I think I need a cool bag or something in case it tries to melt.  We'll see.

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I need to set the video for Ugly Betty and try and watch the DVD I rented last week... it's a film made entirely using marionettes.  And no, it's not Team America. :P

Edit, 21.13: Cakes are iced as iced can be. Please confirm, cooks on my friends list: it is, in fact, impossible to do anything with icing sugar without covering the entire kitchen with it...
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STVOY - Mary Sues

*sings*  Mary, Mary, Mary Sue, Mary Sue, Mary Sue...


It's been so long I thought I'd forgotten how to use ImageReady, but apparently not.

I made this in homage to the crazy days of ficcing with Katie (Kat-Doec, Trill) and Traci (Marissa Blake, Terran) and writing our Terrible Trio (lastly including me, T'eyla Minh, Bajoran) onto Voyager as though they'd always been there.  Wish fulfilment?  Of course, but it was hella fun.  I have no idea where the said Starfleet Cheerleading Squad came from, but it's probably in one of the many AIM conversations somewhere.

I was looking for something else entirely.  Go figure. ;)

Whee, nostalgia.
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SB - Max - Oy

I wouldn't normally do this, but...

...that was the weirdest episode of Jonathan Ross ever...

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I am now exhausted from giggling (and also in general).  Jonathan Ross has had some very good guests of late (Alan Carr, Sarah Brightman, John Travolta, Tobey Maguire & Kirsten Dunst...) but this one just took the cake.  I hope never to see Janice Dickinson on my screen again, though; she scared me.
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