May 21st, 2007

Farscape - John&Aeryn - happiness


It's actually been a productive one...

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And that was that. We also taped Tribe and watched Lenny Henry's list of the best telly ever.

This morning I had to pause tactfully in order to have some work to keep me going for more than ten minutes. I took the first bit and then, realising that one of the floaters was looking for work and checking out the dates/times on both this team and the one next door, I waited after I'd finished it. The next two pieces were short, the third long. I was right; the floater took both short pieces. If I'd taken the first one, the long piece would have disappeared (most likely all morning).

It's like a bloody military manouevre...

Tonight I need to pick up my prescription (which I forgot to do on Friday - I always manage to run out of medication at the end of the month when I'm skint...) and get pitta bread from Somerfield. I have two weeks off from choir, so tomorrow we should be going to see 28 Weeks Later if I'm not too exhausted...

It's Pride this weekend. I had planned to get my hair cut and dye it pink and whatever but honestly, I don't have the bloody energy. As it's also a bank holiday, Council employees get a four-day weekend, and by the sounds of things we're already meeting up with about fifty million people and I WANT TO SLEEP THROUGH IT. Aside from that, I HAVE NO MONEY. It's still disappearing at a rate of knots.

Everything is annoying. Every single person on the bus this morning was rude and taking up an entire seat so they could read their Metro or whatever. Also, to the man I subsequently had to sit next to who had to spread his legs so far apart I was perched on the edge of the seat: frell you, and I'm glad you fell asleep and probably missed your stop. The ignorant people in Greggs this morning can go and throw themselves under buses, too. Clearly I am standing here with a bottle of drink for no reason.


Anyway, I'd better post this and eat my lunch...
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