May 29th, 2007

PotC - eurothrashed - rumgone

Bank Holiday Weekend, including pirates.

It's been quite a long one...

On Friday and Saturday we didn't really do much.  There was a double bill of Ugly Betty on Friday night due to Big Brother starting next week (here we go again...) and that was about it, and then on Saturday we got bits of shopping, tried to get Paul's MP3 player to work, failed, took it back and got a refund, and ended the night watching Silent Hill... quite a strange film, really.  Still not entirely sure what's meant to be going on at the end, there... also I think we may have missed something rather important as the picture kept fritzing at regular intervals, usually when it there was a vital, visual plot point going on.  (So far, Virgin Media are not being very impressive...)

On Sunday we met up with Jenny and Dave for Pride, despite the awful weather.  The rain was at its worst during the parade and we got to the Welly and stayed there for what seemed like hours, until finally leaving at 6.30(!) to go to Jenny's to watch DVDs.  Whilst there we watched Walk The Line (should probably watch that again as I was a bit preoccupied with being cold...) and went to bed at 11.30.

On Monday morning we all went to the cafe in Sainsbury's for breakfast.  Paul and I wandered around TK Maxx whilst Jenny did her shopping, where we bought new salt and pepper mills (so far, nowhere else in the universe has sold mills for BOTH, just for pepper; I buy rock salt.  You see my dilemma.) and a model kit... thing for Paul.  Jenny then drove us home, and we did nothing for a few hours until heading out for Pirates 3.

We ended up getting a taxi there from Kings Heath because the buses were being crap.  We met last_dance there, and waited for cloudjuice.  By the time we got in there, the only seats left were about five rows from the front, which was certainly an interesting experience.  Highlights included Naomi smuggling rum into the film (which wouldn't have been so funny, had it not been a pirate film) and the room seeming to tilt whilst talking during the end credits...

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Possibly the most incoherent review you'll ever read on the subject, but I'm knackered today...

After the film we all went to the Figure of Eight for some drinks, before they kicked us out at 11.30. :(  It was a very pleasant evening, nonetheless.  It also made me realise that I only like being drunk / getting drunk around particular people, which is entirely due to my own shortcomings... but it's nice to know I'm not just going mad.

Today I still have to clean the kitchen and bathroom (meh) if I manage to wake up enough to do it...
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