May 30th, 2007

Random - Absinthe!

First day back at work.

Today has mostly been about:

...finishing other people's work...
...running out of my own work...
...writing bits of Buffy fic...
...& getting rained on...

I left at 4.30, but due to having to go to Tesco and Superdrug for various bits of shopping I didn't get back until 5.30, which was also accounted for by the fact I had to limp from leaving work onwards due to a random pain in my ankle.  My shoes don't appear to have rubbed me, so I don't know if it was a stone or something.  I've had the shoes for months without them rubbing.  Most odd.

I have cooked a bolognese sauce completely from scratch, but can't eat it until after swimming.  herringprincess is coming over before we go to the leisure centre to deposit MEAT left over from her barbecue.  Mmmm, meat.

Collapse )

Et voila!

The bit I tried earlier was very nice.  We've run out of ketchup otherwise that would have made it a lot more tangy, I think, but it's quite a success given it's my first attempt.  Since Lisa's mushroom concoction the other week I thought I'd chop them up as small as the onions in the blender, and the entire thing smelled gorgeous...  It's now covered with some foil on the hob for when I get back.

Aaanyway, I should now sign this off. :)

Edit, 22.23: Mmmmm, bolognese. :D I seem to have perfected the "throw things in and hope" way of cooking to a fine art.
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