June 5th, 2007

Photo - mask tattoo

*tentatively posts*

Semagic has loaded on the first try so I'm taking that as a good sign and attempting to post this for about the fiftieth time.  If you read between the lines (literally), you will see the entry I've been trying to post since Friday bloody afternoon.  I would cut it, but there's a cut in it already.  I would also backdate and link to it, but nobody'll bother reading it if I do that.  So I'll inflict it on you here, instead.  Suffer.


Well, the afternoon didn't get much better.  The work was thin on the ground and was still being taken.  At one point Val popped her head around the door and said "Oh, you've got no work!".  I almost replied, "Well, whose fault is that?" but managed not to.

I had the journey home from Hell, too.  Not as bad as it's ever been, but unnecessarily annoying.  The bus took bloody ages to turn up, and was packed, and I had to share it with a screaming child, and the bus driver was doing that annoying stoppy-starty-brake-too-hard thing that really gets on my proverbials.

And then I nearly got run over by a woman with a pushchair who wasn't looking where she was going and just had to cross the road at the exact point I was walking towards the kerb to give her a wide enough berth to pass.  Her husband / partner apologised, but UGH.  When I have a small child I'm going to use my pushchair as a battering ram like everyone else does...

In other news, here is a meme from jackiesjottings.  She requested explanations for three of my interests and three of my icons.  You can comment and I'll do the same, if I remember...

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I hope that answers your curiosity. :)  The majority of my icons are fandom-based (mostly Most Haunted, as you probably realised) and those that aren't are random photographs taken of various things.  They're also mostly mine, except for the four or so which are credited to other people...

I'm extending the meme: comment if you want to know about my interests / icons &/or if you want me to reciprocate. :)

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I also spent the majority of Monday night trying to post this entry via email from both Outlook and Yahoo, without success... at least as far as I know.  I also bit the bullet and posted the first chapter of my Ugly Betty fic on FFN.  It can be found here if anyone is remotely interested...  It seems to have gone down well, anyway: 10 reviews overnight, two of which consist of more than five words and most of which have all the words spelt right... ;)

I jest. Reviews are kind of like drugs.  And apparently it's very easy to relapse after you've detoxed.  MORE!!  MORE REVIEWS!!  MORE, DAMMIT!
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