June 15th, 2007

Random - Oblivion wheels

At least the rain's stopped.

It can't rain all the time, as The Crow so rightly says...

I tried to email this entry home last night to post when I got in, but it didn’t happen for some reason. So this is pretty much the same entry but slightly changed so it doesn’t mention the appalling weather yesterday.

I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to go to Alton Towers and/or Drayton Manor Park at some point before/after the summer holidays and several people expressed an interest in joining me...

I have (provisionally) booked a week off from 2 - 6 July (because I deserve it, quite frankly), which is a week before the kids break up. I say provisionally because I might not be able to have the full week because Noor is also off that Friday… it’s never been a problem before, and there look to be enough people in to cover, anyway. In all likelihood it won’t be a problem, but yes, provisionally I’m off that week.

So, if all those who were interested in a theme parky day out could please suggest a day for such (and their preference of Alton Towers / Drayton Manor) I'll... steal money from my savings account or something. It’s not like I can get any more broke. I would wait until September, but the way the weather's going lately it'll probably be snowing by then...

Pick a day, any day. Preferably not a Friday, just because.... I think we have a hiatus from choir until September (because everyone’s on hols) so I can even do Tuesdays.

I will be going by public transport the cheapest way I know how, i.e. train to Tamworth and taxi to Drayton Manor, or train to Derby and special tickets to Alton Towers from there (they’re about £30 or so). I will also be leaving early in the morning so we get a whole day there.

If anyone wants to come who doesn’t live in Birmingham (I think there’s only about one person my f-list this applies to these days…) I can accommodate an overnight stay very easily.

And that’s that. At least it’s the weekend… and yay, Phantom silent movie tonight. :)
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