July 2nd, 2007

Erik - blank

Weekend, and things to do.

Ahhh, holiday.  Even if it's only a holiday in the not-being-at-work sense.

The weekend was quite relaxing, really.

We did nothing very much at all on Saturday except go to see Shrek the Third, which was quite good.  Collapse )

I enjoyed it, anyway.  We went for drinks after that at the Bright House, fearing that all other pubs would be rammed on the Last Official Day of Smoking (thank God), ended up have a semi-serious conversation for some reason, and then went to get something for dinner from Tesco.

On Sunday, the washing line broke, and we had a few minutes of fun trying to un-knot it from the wall bracket it was wrapped around to get enough to re-knot at the other end.  It's now hanging lower than it was before and Trevor will probably moan, but since it's more than likely to break again it'll probably be easier to buy a new one anyway...

Paul went to play badminton with Drew and I stayed in to watch the concert in memory of Diana at Wembley Stadium.  I started watching this not realising it was on from 3.30 to 10.00, but watched the majority of it nonetheless.  The best bit was probably the ballet and Ricky Gervais (er, not simultaneously, it should be noted), and the oddest section was the Andrew Lloyd Webber medley.  Collapse )

A bit so-so, really.  Considering some of the big stars they managed to get for the rest of the concert - Elton John, Nelly Furtado, the Royal Ballet - it was quite disappointing that the only PROPER West End star was Sarah Brightman.  I was expecting at the very least Elaine Paige and/or Michael Ball.  Also disappointed that there was nothing from the 'less popular' musicals like Sunset Blvd or Starlight Express, as there are some beautiful songs there.  Andrew did seem to be going for the stuff which is going to make him money, i.e. Phantom, Joseph, and Cats.  Sometimes, he is a genius; when it comes to making good decisions, he can be an idiot.

Anyway.  That was that.  This week I need to do the following:
  • Have a general tidy up.
  • Screw bookcases together, and put books on them, after getting books from attic.
  • Clean oven.
  • Clean cupboard under sink to get rid of horrible smell caused by previous leak.
  • Change bed.
  • Hoover bedroom.
  • Watch some television.

All this to include going swimming with Alison tonight, posting my long-overdue chapter 4, and also, hopefully, Buying Some Stuff.  I'm meant to be getting "lots of money" from Paul this month (as it's a five-week month).  I need to get summer shirts for work, some black sandals, and I want to get a couple of CDs.  I will probably chicken out at the last minute anyway, but meh.  I wants me some retail therapy, dammit.

I shall make a start on some chores, perhaps, after I've done the washing up and had breakfast, and played a game of online Scrabble.
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