July 10th, 2007

MH - numb haven - K/Y


Tomorrow we have an away day for the entire Department, typists luckily included.  Luckily, because otherwise we'd run out of work.

Today was okay.  The usual.  An urgent half an hour before I wanted to leave which took 45 minutes; stuff like that.

I honestly don't know why I even started this entry, given I have nothing to say and nothing to moan about (is the universe asleep?) but, well, here it is.  Hurrah.

I have a two-meals-for-one voucher for wagamama in Birmingham that I am most likely not going to get to use.  If anyone can make more use of it than I can, feel free to have it off me...  I got it under false pretences in the first place - Shaan is apparently signed up to the website and was sent a voucher, of which she printed 15 copies and handed them out around the building.

One of my online buys is waiting for me at the local post depot, which is luckily only up the road (as opposed to frelling miles away), because it wouldn't fit through our letterbox.  Given it is either a small poster (in a tube, presumably) or two CDs, and they managed to fit a DVD box set through the door just before Christmas, I find this very surprising...

Anyway.  Enough of the pointless.  Redundent LJ?  Oh, yes...
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