July 15th, 2007

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Should possibly update?

I've written two entirely separate LJ entries at work and emailed them home to myself for posting, only to either forget or just not be arsed when the time came to actually do so.  Neither of them were particularly interesting, anyway, and the second one mostly involved whinging about the usual.

On Friday I seemed to be perpetually starving so Paul and I decided to use the voucher and go to wagamama for dinner.  I also managed to get a voucher to Skippy as well, so felt less guilty about using it.  The food was very nice and with the voucher only came to about £16.00, including a side dish and a drink each.

On Saturday we were meant to go to the Jewellery Quarter for their craft stalls and whatnot, but it was far too hot to go anywhere by train.  I was up bright and early to go and collect my poster from the post depot (which is STUPID and closes at midday, everyday - clearly only unemployed people need to collect their bloody parcels).  We went into Kings Heath for breakfast and then went shopping, because Paul wanted to get some trousers in case he has an interview (his sister-in-law is working on getting him a new job with her agency) and ended up buying four new ties and some pants.  We the bought blue tack and meat and that was about it.

In the afternoon we went to visit Paul's mum so he could pick up his suits from there and see which ones still fitted, and we got back at about 7.00ish and ordered take-away fried chicken for tea, in the height of laziness...

We are both horribly skint and the savings account is taking a beating as a result.  Probably just as well we didn't try and get a holiday this year, really.  I already owe it about £250 which isn't looking likely to be going back in any time soon.  I was hoping to be back on track by April and it all seems to have gone wrong somewhere...


Anyway, still an hour until EastEnders, so I might either go and lie down or play some Scrabble and lose horribly, as always...
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