July 23rd, 2007

Buffy - sanity

That boy who lived...

75% of my friends-list is concerned with Harry Potter - reading Harry Potter, waiting to read Harry Potter, reviewing Harry Potter, spoiling the new Harry Potter under cuts, or just not giving a shit about Harry Potter.  (The other 25%, thankfully, is relatively sane.)  Being an entire book behind the rest of the universe is incredibly fortuitous at times like this... I'm suddenly very glad I didn't get caught up in it like everyone else. Given my natural tendency towards obsession, I deliberately avoided Harry Potter like the plague until such time as I could safely say I Would Not Get Obsessed.  Mission accomplished.  I enjoy the books and films, I admire J K Rowling's down-to-earth attitude as a writer, but I'm not about to start writing fanfic.  A healthy place to be, I feel.

I have nothing else to report, really.

I met up with Vickie today for lunch, which was nice.  We reminisced and caught up and nattered on the steps by the library, watching news about flooding all over Britain, and then I went back to work and left early to go swimming.

Other than that I'm doing very little.  Watched Perfume on Sunday afternoon, which was incredibly odd but otherwise good.  I seem to be spending the majority of my weekends suffering from a headache, which is getting more than a little annoying.  I'm getting through far too much paracetemol.  I have two different icons to make at some point, and I need to take another photo of my new hair, as none of the MMS messages got through to either of my inboxes, for some reason.

Over and out.
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