August 18th, 2007

MH - kiss - K/Y

Hello, Inner Shipper.  It's good to have you back.

yoshi and I just sat and watched the last five episodes of Life On Mars series 2 in one sitting (the first three having been watched over the course of the week), and subsequently, I have one thing to say.

I am always right.

Also, that it's been a very, very long time since I sat and watched - and got addicted to - a 'ship which was so heart-achingly wow, with such a gratuitously satisfying ending.  Chuffing marvellous.

I must now go off in search of better fic than that which lies on FFN, with LJ being the first port of call...

Last night I could not get to sleep because I was in vast amounts of pain, having got back from the pub (for tea) and spent the next hour doing washing up and cleaning the kitchen and rearranging the cupboards to make more glass space.  We have a McDonalds-shaped three-week mission ahead of us to collect the latest Coke glasses, but previously no room to store them...  Anyway, eventually I just had to get up and take a couple of co-codamol because I couldn't find a position to lie in which didn't make the pain worse... they took about half an hour to kick in, and this morning I woke up feeling sort of pleasantly numbed...

Had to take two more at about 4.00 today but hopefully if I get back onto the Valerian it'll clear up again... I suspect that having to climb three flights of stairs every morning at work is not helping in the slightest, as the three-week lift refurbishment turned into six, as of last week.  They should just put us in a new building and be done with it, says I. :P

We ordered Chinese food for dinner, but as it's a Thai/Malaysian place also, the portions were bloody enormous and we are therefore having Chinese food for Sunday lunch as well.  I had "Double  Happiness", which consists of egg fried rice (lots of it), crispy chicken, crispy duck and curry sauce.  It's not dissimilar to the chicken kitzu curry I like at wagamama, except with better rice.  YUM.

Here ends the entry.  I will post the solution to the Yammish riddle on Monday, if I remember.
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