August 21st, 2007

PotC - eurothrashed - rumgone

Stuffity stuff.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to frightened!!  (A variation on the pirate theme, with the icon, but presumably apt...)

In other news, my back is still in pain.  I can't think what I might have done to it whilst cleaning the kitchen on Friday (washing up, cleaning the floor - did involve lifting a bucket, but still... no more than usual) but it was really bad then and has been consistently aching all weekend.  I'm back on the Valerian to see if that'll help but if it doesn't I suppose I'll have to go back to the doctor.  I doubt that having to climb three flights of stairs at least twice a day is helping, to be honest.  (There's BCC irony for you: they throw £3000 at fixing the lift in our building, a three-week job, which has turned into seven weeks with the thing working intermittently for half-hour periods about every fortnight.  Yeah.  Nice going.  And they didn't even change the horrible old carpet.)

Also, we went to see Harry Potter 5 tonight but it wasn't showing at Cineworld at all (because it's Tuesday, apparently) and not until 8.40 at AMC, so we gave up.  Meh.  I don't bloody well WANT to see Rush Hour 3 or the Bourne Whateveritis, stupid cinema.

So, yeah, my legs are also in pain (see above re: stairs) and yesterday it felt like something had died in my intestines, but other than that I appear to be healthy.  At least it's a bank holiday next week.

In that vein, I think my computer knows it's going to be replaced in a week (hopefully, as a million things will undoubtedly thwart the plan just because it's fun to frustrate me) because it's being even slower than usual.  More fool the computer, I suppose, because I'm swapping the hard drive over anyway.  It should be thanking me, not throwing a strop.

I'm going to bed with a hot water bottle and maybe, just maybe, the summer might come back tomorrow...
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