August 28th, 2007

Random - Oblivion wheels

New Computer.

yoshi and I went to go and get it earlier.

Didn't go entirely to plan. They didn't have any 512 RAM in stock so I currently have 256, which is still twice as much as before, we've had to order in a USB 2.0 card, and I've just realised it doesn't have a floppy drive... not that I tend to use them much these days, but it's the principle of the thing. I might take them all somewhere and transfer all the files to CD just so I have them.

It's incredibly noisy but that's easy enough to get used to, and it has XP Essential, the appearance of which I just had to make look like Win 98 because it was horrible. Still using the old monitor at the moment as I install everything (it doesn't like this one but hopefully the 'new' one will fare better) but it all seems fine. And at least by reinstalling Symantec it'll stop giving me "UPDATE ME NOW!!!" messages every time I load the PC...

New spec:

Zip drive
20GB HDD (new)
60GB HDD (additional - transferred from old PC)
1.2Ghz Processor.

All for a tidy sum of 75 quid.

The plan is to use the 20GB for installing programmes (because it's the one with the OS on it) and the 60GB for pictures, music, downloads, games, etc.

Best thing: it runs at a normal pace!

One problem so far: my keyboard thinks it's American. Any ideas how to solve this?
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