August 30th, 2007

Random - Theory of Relativitea

Bank Holiday Weekend

In all the new computer / functional scanner excitement, I forgot to update on my weekend.

So, over the weekend, I Collapse )

On the evening we also watched Collapse )

It's a film that makes you think, most definitely. We need more dystopian future visions. They're far more likely than flying cars and everything being silver...

Apart from that, I've spent my weekend backing up files (unnecessarily, as it transpired) and doing lots of embroidery. My stained glass rose cross-stitch is now very nearly complete. A few more shades of red and then the black outlining and it's finished. I wish my scanner had worked whilst I was doing it because then I would have scanned the progress and made a funky animation, but I shall instead scan the finished product... then there's just the problem of getting it framed. And hanging it on our cardboard walls...

New scanner = pointless image spam. Be warned. :D