September 17th, 2007

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Why Legal is better than SCH, part X of Y

Possibly this should have been a proper series of LJ entries, but as it stands I've scattered the reasons in and around other entries. I suppose so far the reasons would be mostly:

  • sane co-workers;
  • courteousness;
  • expected normal reaction to biscuit-like snacks;
  • no Sandra.

Here's today's reason: extreme changes to hairstyle actually result in a reaction.

I realise this totally makes me a horrible attention whore, but you know? I just don't care.

The amount of reaction can also be attributed to there being more people in the building, but anyway...

I was hoping that using aggressive two-in-one shampoo twice a day since Wednesday (more or less) would have got rid of the pink, but it's currently a slightly paler shade with the blonde starting to show through. I think maybe in another week or so it'll probably have gone and then I can dye it red or something (I get paid next Friday also, so I can at least afford the new dye), because blonde and my skintone do not get along. And pillarbox red tends to fade to auburn, which is nice...

(The AD just saw it and didn't look horrified. That's reassuring...)

So yeah. End point: this job is better than the old one. As of tomorrow I will have been here a year, which is terrifying.

I'm feeling much better today, which means the pills have kicked back in. I felt bloody awful yesterday. I'd like a weekend to go past where I don't spend the entire of Sunday suffering from a headache (which will, inevitably and annoyingly, then miraculously disappear by Monday morning) or generally feeling horrible. I lost most of yesterday to sleeping on the sofa. We watched Epic Movie in the evening, though, which was entertaining...

Things to do later:

  1. Bring clean washing down from attic, as it's been there a week.
  2. Put in another load of dirty washing.
  3. Juggle USB connections to at least get the bloody scanner working again.
  4. Change MP3 playlist and possibly rip more CDs.
  5. Put money into account from savings to cover Euros drawn out on Tuesday morning.
  6. Some other stuff.

Oh yes, and I updated the Ugly Betty fic finally. I don't have the exact link to hand, but if you go to my FFN profile it's the first story in the list. I uploaded chapter five on Saturday night... not sure if I even told people about chapter four, but there you are. No idea when I'll get chapter six up, but I do need to work some more on my POTO songfic. Being in the Opera House on Tuesday inspired a wonderful image of Collapse ). So that needs to go in there somewhere. Given it's mostly a reminiscence fic, it shouldn't be too difficult...

And yes. I believe that's it.
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