October 5th, 2007

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Mostly a photopost...

I have been more productive in one flex day off work than I normally am in an entire week off...

I slept in until 10.45 this morning and woke up with a slight headache, which leads me to believe that my Sunday headaches are as a result of having too much sleep. My body is punishing me for being a lazy git, clearly... I had a very strange, ominous and lingering dream during my lie-in, which I shall post about shortly.

After having some breakfast (cereal), I watched Trisha and some random student-television-actually-aimed-at-students on Channel 4, who have clearly worked out that the 11.00am timeslot is prime viewing for most students, as they're probably just about waking up at that point, skiving from lectures, or procrastinating about that essay that needs handing in tomorrow. It was mostly quite poo, but it amused me nonetheless... In the process, I also hoovered the living room and hallway (scary amount of dust there...) because the little bits on the carpet were annoying me.

At about 12.45 I headed out to get some bits for the bolognese I'm making tonight. I was going to have some lunch before I left but then realised we had no bread, so instead I went to McDonalds.

QS (cheap fashion shop) was having a closing down sale, and I managed to get two very pretty things there for ridiculous prices:

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Some of the sequins are falling off the top a bit, but for four quid one can hardly complain. Might wear that to the meal out on my birthday... The skirt will also do nicely for work.

Then I wandered up to Shoe Express just to see what they had there, but there wasn't much of any interest... Went to Lidl after that for mushrooms, air freshener refill and various other bits, followed by Sainsbury's for an onion, some Oust (the bottom of our stairs ming of mustiness) and bread.

The photos are brought to you courtesy of installing the Motorola Phone Tools at long last, after some battling to get it to recognise my phone in the first place, and now I have the Killers' Uncle Johnny as my ringtone. :D (I promise not to turn into one of those annoying plebs who play shit music through their phones at the back of the bus, honest...)

In the process, I finally managed to get my Tewkesbury Abbey photos uploaded, so here they are:

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Taken in on 23 June, so about a month before it became an island... ;) I think the first one is my favourite.

I think that's everything. I was going to do the washing up and clean the kitchen, but quite frankly I can't be bothered. :P
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Cabaret - Mein Herr

MORE squee.

And if the Sweeney Todd trailer wasn't enough, the new season of Ugly Betty starts tonight. :D 9.00pm, Channel 4.

(We're only a week and a half behind the US, which is going to make my spoiler-avoiding will power really difficult...)

I wish I could actually tape Channel 4 these days. :( Need to get the Season 1 box set...
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