October 17th, 2007

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Birthday, etc.

So, apart from being at work, it was quite pleasant.

I had three cards from people at work and then, as I left, Ama ran down the stair after me apologising profusely for forgetting...

Paul cooked me lamb meatballs for tea, which were very nice, although we need a pestle and mortar because the cumin was a bit coarse...

Present-wise, I got:

CD - Danny Elfman's Serenada Schizophrena, from my mum and David (in addition to the Moulin Rouge tickets in September).

DVDs - The Libertine and Dead Man, from Paul's bother, Noel.

Nintendo DS Lite (pink), plus two games - Pirates of the Caribbean: DMC and Super Monkey Ball, all from Paul. he got it cheap at GameStation. YAY DS LITE!

A nice ring from Paul's mum which is unfortunately too big because my fingers are ridiculously small... might see if we can either get it adjusted or replaced for a smaller size, if they do it...

Lovely flowers from Lisa.

And two, um, 'vouchers' from Paul (gift tags) entitling the bearer to "one hour of Paulie love". :D Alas, they cannot be redeemed in bits.

I intended to get up early today and instead managed to sleep in until 11.00, having a very odd dream in the process, in which I was going to change the lightbulb in the hall (see below), only to have herringprincess and a load of random people turn up, then went into the kitchen to find a bulb to find that Trevor (landlord) was completely refurbishing the place, and also that the PC was somehow in the kitchen as well, between the washing maching and the sink... It was weird. Then there was another section where I seemed to be in halls of residence but there were two dining tables in my room with me. I don't quite understand that bit.

I have things to do today, so I will not do what I just did and spend over an hour playing PotC: DMC on the DS (just to test if it works, honest...).. So:

~ take chair downstairs to turn off electrics for lights, then change lightbulb. (Both the safety light and the main hall light went off on Monday night, and I can't remember how many times I've turned it off/on to check it wasn't working, hence, easier to just turn off the fuse.)

~ possibly do some washing

~ possibly go out to look for a new light pull for the bathroom.

~ attempt to clean string on light pull in bathroom. It mings. - bleached cotton wool and cling film applied. Thank you, Kim and Aggie. (Whether it works is yet to be seen...)

~ change lightbulb in hall. - I bloody hate bayonet bulbs.

~ remember to go swimming later.

~ don't spend all day on the DS.

And finally, does anyone want a copy of Dead Man? It's an existential black-and-white Western starring Johnny Depp and it's very good, if strange...
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Sandra-gate: A Missing Chapter.

I'm going through old posts and tagging with a "ye faga of sandra" tag on approrpiate entries. In the process, I came across this throwaway comment without any explanation, in an entry on 15 August 2006:

...As for work, I'm adopting a strategy with Sandra of not giving a shit...

I can actually still remember the incident which provoked that comment, so here it is...

This was shortly after I'd come back from my long-term sick leave (glandular fever), as I recall, and since I had more than enough of my own work to do, and because I was leaving in a month's time, I was pretty much just... ignoring her to the best of my ability.

That morning, Amanda had phoned in sick. I dutifully wrote it on the whiteboard in bright red letters.

Obviously, I didn't tell Sandra when she arrived because she didn't talk to me.

So, later in the morning, someone wanted minutes taking, and she asked me where Amanda was.

"Oh, she called in sick this morning."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

*shrugs* "I wrote it on the board." *gesticulates in general direction of board, continues ignoring Sandra*

I could sense the complete incredulity on her face, but it felt good. It may only have been a tiny victory, but it was a victory nonetheless.

One day, I really hope someone just kicks her arse into gear. Or, you know, just kicks her arse in general...

In other news, this evening after swimming I tried some Powerade, which was surprisingly nice...
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