October 22nd, 2007

Photo - rainbow

Birthday Weekend Numero Deux.

It's been a long but otherwise pleasant weekend...

On Friday morning I was running around madly trying to get washing up done and tidying up because a certain someone had left it all for me to do again, before I headed out to collect thefleshfailure from the station.

Once back at the flat we sat and watched some old episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway? on Dave (formerly UKG2), which, if the adverts are any indication, is clearly a channel aimed at manly men with manly names, like 'Dave', even though it's obviously also still UKG2... most odd.

After that I cooked a chickeny bolognese-y thing with garlic bread, got changed, and we headed off to the Briar for drinks.

There was a remarkably good turn out: obviously, falling_softly and flatline2010 were both already there, along with yoshi and rubytitania. We comandeered the table next to ours and awaited the further arrival of some other people. Lisa and Vickie turned up (the latter with her parents, for some reason), along with Spongebob Squarepants in balloon form, who proceeded to overlook the proceedings for the rest of the evening.

joetimewaster and miss_scooter appeared shortly afterwards, and then last_dance, metalmikey666 and my mum and David.

It was the usual really... I stayed in the quiet / tired corner for most of the night and had various conversations, but let everyone else get on with it, really. I probably should have talked to people a bit more, but as the pub was so bloody loud it was difficult... Derek somehow translated "Family Guy" into "nice breasts" at one point. Still not sure how...

I had four Kopparberg ciders (two summer fruits and two pear) and then one J2O as the headache started to kick in, and that was more than enough. Luckily, they'd run out of Weston's Perry, as usually one of those is enough to make me fall over. it was nice to see people, anyway.

There were a couple of strange moments towards the end of the evening: Lloyd, having lost an argument with Eni, decided to pick a fight with Derek over nothing in particular (at least as far as I could figure out, as I only caught the aftermath), following which he flounced off to have a cigarette. Just before we left (only five of us remaining - me, Eni, Paul, Lloyd and Derek) Paul decided he was going top ick a fight with me over nothing, after whining about wanting to go home, and now I can't remember what he was moaning about. And then some random pissed girl decided she was going to steal Spongebob and wouldn't give him back until her more sober friends talked her around.

Alcohol is bad, mmkay?

So, yes, that was that. I now have £20-worth of vounchers to spend in Virgin and HMV, plus the other £10 voucher that Centro sent me because apparently I've been with them six months. Even though I've been with them for about fifteen months. Strange.

On Saturday we mostly... watched television, played on DS Lites (me and Eni) and slept (Paul), as well as making a start on Bob and Rose, as Eni had never seen it. I cooked a very nice dinner, if I say so myself, although there was rather an excess of meat. A quiet, non-active day, at the very least, with a brief jaunt to the shops for veg and nothing much else...

Sunday was similar, with episode three of Bob and Rose and then taking Eni back to the station. Paul wheedled me into doing the washing up again (he now has to do the next four batches in a row) and then I dragged him down to the chippy for dinner.

He is off sick today with a cold / sore throat concoction, as he's had all weekend, but other than that it's back to reality. As ever when I go on leave the work has piled up significantly, so at least there's plenty to do, and plenty of people in today.

185m of swimming tonight. At least this week I actually feel up to it.