October 25th, 2007

Cabaret - Maybe This Time

PMT to be ending now, please?

There's definitely something about impending public holidays or celebrations that saps any and all enthusiasm I initially had for them... Or maybe it's just the full-time job. Either way, it pretty much sucks.

I'm am skinter than a skint thing (please, don't get me started) and hence the combined Hallowe'en / Bonfire Night not-quite-a-party thing I was going to try and organise is not going to happen. I am also frelling exhausted, and what with Christmas rearing its ugly head on the horizon I can use all the free weekends I can get...

I can't afford any fireworks (as Paul so rightly pointed out last night) and the garden's probably too small, and I can't afford to go to Blockbuster for DVDs for the Hallowe'en movie viewing, and anyway the thought of trying to organise it is filling me with dread of the greatest kind. As ever, it will probably be a lot of energy (which I don't have) put into something which inevitably causes more stress than enjoyment, and quite frankly it's not worth the hassle.

So, er... sorry. I think I only told herringprincess and Lisa anyway, which is probably just as well...

I will still endeavour to make biscuits for work this weekend, assuming I can find any boiled sweets. Knowing my luck with this sort of thing, I will scour the length and breadth of the city and fail to get any. Hence, as much as it would also be nice to attempt to find some orange food colouring and also make a cake, I'm honestly not even going to try because, in the main, Birmingham = the suck.


I'm really feeling quite despondent today. I still have no money - and will have no money for the foreseeable, which has been the situation since, oh, March - and I have a headache which isn't shifting, and I'm getting quite annoyed with the tendency, of late, to almost hit a complete meltdown right before my period starts. Because it feels like it's only a matter of time before the 'almost' becomes 'actually', and that's not going to be pretty.

You know that thing they say about how money can't buy you happiness? It's all bollocks.