November 1st, 2007

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Bad drivers, amonst other things

This week, the Alcester Road has been full of really stupid drivers...

On Monday (I think it was Monday, it may well have been yesterday...), some idiot in a van pulled up right next to the bus in a single lane, and subsequently, quite deservedly, lost his wing mirror.

This morning, we had one idiot parked on double yellow lines (in the bus lane), and another idiot driving half inside the bus lane, causing the bus to have to maneouvre around him.

If and/or when I ever learn to drive, I will take this piece of knowledge wherever I go: buses are bigger and uglier than cars. Don't take them on.

If I were to make a scale of bad drivers, I think people who do silly things around buses would come fourth. In third place would be anyone who beeps their horn unnecessarily. Second would be male drivers who beep their horns at women thinking it's flattering. And first would be that horrible breed of bastards who think it's everso amusing to drive through puddles at full speed and drench pedestrians. (I admit, the top two are close runners... but the puddle thing is just evil, and I've been on the receiving end of it twice.)

Bus drivers, incidentally, would come fifth. ;)

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In other news, the PC is still being weird - it took 2.5 reboots yesterday to get it to work and then it kept randomly slowing down. I say 2.5 because the first time I switched it on, it rebooted itself when I wasn't looking, after which it froze...

I did at least manage to get the tickets booked for the November concert, and, assuming there isn't going to be another postal strike, they should be delivered shortly.

There is very little to do at work again and another team's WPO just took the full-tape I was looking forward to killing time with. But at least it'll keep her out of my hair for an hour or so, and I have my PDR this afternoon. They were all meant to be yesterday but the morning sessions were cancelled due to nobody remembering to fill in their forms (um, DUH), and then the afternoon ones were also cancelled because Marie had to attend a Pay & Grading meeting. I don't have any issues or anything, it'll just get me away from my desk for a bit...

I think that's everything.
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