November 5th, 2007

Photo - Sunset tree

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Just a quick one because I'm meant to be working...

This weekend was quite long but also very entertaining...

On Friday it was the usual fare of television; mostly it was Channel 4 FTW as they were celebrating their 25th anniversary. The Big Fat Anniversary Quiz was entertaining, anyway.

On Saturday we did very little in the morning and then spent the afternoon trying to think up Hallowe'en costumes for herringprincess's house's party, as well as buying lots of fireworks from Lidl. I ended up going as a pirate (Jack Sparrow's hat, black/white stripey socks with maroon trousers tucked in them, big flouncy white shirt, plastic cutlass, etc) and Paul was the Ghost of Disco Past (mostly my clothes plus his t-shirt: orange flares, green stripey shirt, orange/brown/turquoise striped blazer, dead make-up and blue sparkly stars on his cheeks). I think he looked more impressive than me, to be honest.

So, we found the house, and nobody else was in costume... well, except for Alison later on. At least people will remember us.

The bonfire was cool, anyway. We got chatting to various random people, including a very talkative bloke named Pete towards the end of the evening. Paul got very drunk and started falling over, and I was freezing by 1.30am and that's when we decided to go home... got back for 2.00, just about.

On Sunday, we ventured into town to see Saw IV, which was... weird, and not as bad as I was expecting. I took a photograph on my phone of Alpha Tower disappearing into the smog, but forgot to save it. :( Nevertheless, the fog was very impressive, even if it was absolutely frelling freezing last night.

We were meant to have a roast chicken dinner, but due to not seeing the film until 6.30 (and also going to completely the wrong cinema anyway; I blame the cold for the brain freeze) we ended up going to Wagamama instead, where I had something other than their curry...

As it was so cold yesterday we changed the bed and put the winter duvet on, with the electric blanket, propting a very definite "Ahh, that's the stuff..." reaction upon getting into the bed... one of the good points of winter, I suppose.

Bonfire / firework photos will be posted, er, somewhere (either here or Facebook or both) once I manage to put the camera back together again. I fixed it on Saturday afternoon with duck tape and cotton bud sticks and it waited right up until I tried to take a photograph of someone doing fire poi before it decided to fall apart again. Stupid camera.

Aaaand that's it.
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