November 14th, 2007

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So, I've been off work all week.

Sore throat started on Friday with a tickly cough, most likely due to forgetting to wear a scarf and then realising that it was bloody freezing.

Sore throat developed more on Saturday along with general lethargy and some stomach upset (so what else is new?) and subsequently debilitated me from doing anything remotely productive all evening. On Sunday the cold half developed but not to any great degree, so I kept taking tablets.

Monday I was still full of snot and didn't get much sleep, so had a day off work.

Tuesday I woke up and couldn't talk. My throat didn't hurt, but I just.. couldn't talk. So had another day off work. And obviously, couldn't go to choir because, well, I couldn't sing either.

And am off again today for the same reason, and also due to a very bad night's sleep. Paul had to ring in for me this morning it was so bad, and Marie has basically said she'll expect me back on Monday and anything before that will be a bonus... Luckily enough, I haven't had a sick day since October 2006, so at least it won't affect my sickness record.

I'm really hoping it's going to clear up before Saturday because I've really been looking forward to the concert, and I'll be very annoyed if I have to miss it thanks to losing my voice. Stupid bloody body. I think it would be less annoying (though no less unfortunate) if my throat actually hurt, but it doesn't... I've been taking Benylin chesty cough medicine today which seems to have helped a bit, and I can talk more than I could this morning, but GAH. So annoying.

At least I managed to hem my choir skirt today, which took in excess of four hours due to the hemming tape being stupid and having to sew the lining to the main skirt material by hand to make it all stay in place. I don't know why they couldn't just measure us and get them done when they were ordered...

So, anyway. It's all been great fun, as I'm sure you can imagine.
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