November 19th, 2007

Edward - snow

Back at work.Back at work.

...and, of course, just in time for Noor being off on annual leave, so I have plenty of work to do...

Somehow I've ended up with lots to write about without having really done very much at all. I think this is because the computer is in the coldest part of the house and it's too expensive to run an electric heater near it (as well as a lack of plugs) so I've not felt particularly inclined to sit there and write LJ entries... I shall cut where possible, as this is fairly rambling.

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So that was quite strange. Hopefully on Tuesday I should be able to pick up my Tewkesbury CD also, so watch this space for an MP3 of us performing. :D

We went to the Briar Rose for a drink afterwards, where we ran into herringprincess, who was out with Trev and Dave and some other people I didn't recognise... Then we walked Paul's mum to a bus stop and went to Wagamama for food, because it was quick and cheapish (although realised upon getting there that I'd forgotten not only my debit card but my bus pass... I had £7.00 on me to pay for most of my half of the food, and Paul scraped together enough change to get us both home... The perils of changing bags and getting taxis.)

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So that's been quite entertaining, in a sort of horrific, "I can't believe I'm even watching this dren" kind of way...

Also... I have partly succumbed to I'm A Celebrity by virtue of Cerys Matthews, Anna Ryder-Richardson, Janice Dickinson being regularly tortured (quite deservedly) and Christopher Biggins. BIGGINS FTW! And Cerys if not!

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And finally - it's frelling freezing. I spent most of yesterday completely holed up in the living room (with an OMG-uber-dramatic 'Stenders) with the fire on and the curtains shut in an attempt to remain warm, and subsequently, when I went into the kitchen to start cooking dinner (a very yummy pork joint from Sainsbury's), was very surprised to find the world had turned white.

It's a strange thing, being in gainful employment, when it snows. Because there's part of me that thinks "YAY! SNOW!" and another part which thinks, with equal integrity, "Shit, it's going to be impossible to get to work..." Mostly I try to suppress my inner grown up and let the bouncing three-year-old run rampant, but there's also another, even more grown-up bit which puts its hands on its metaphorical hips and quite firmly states "You're not going outside in THAT, you've got a cold", thus suppressing the desire to go out and build a snowman. Ah well.

Still, the early appearance of snow (might we dare to wish for a white Christmas?) is more than enough to warrant my Kim Boggs icon, and Monday is my early day so if there is any more snow I should hopefully beat the worst of the traffic...

I do believe that's everything.
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