November 27th, 2007

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Random Inspiration

My brain works in very strange ways sometimes... I seem to have been inspired all the way to work this morning, both in terms of photography and writing. If I ever manage to get a new camera I will remember to take it with me wherever I go...

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Would have been tricky from the bus, though, I imagine...

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I've got lots of fic snippets lying around on my PC at work, from original fiction to Buffy bits. There are entire chapters / parts of chapters for "Whisper" (POTO - still not ready for human consumption), a bit of a Sunset fic that I've also started at home, and the ongoing next chapter for my Ugly Betty fic, which I should really finish - there's nothing worse than starting your new fandom notoriety by not finishing something. ;)

So, yes. Quite odd. Except now I have work to do, so I'll post this at lunchtime, go find the drabble, and maybe make a start later before choir.
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